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A long time ago on Twitter, a friend has tagged me to post my 10 favorite movies, which can also be found here.  However, without further explanation and reasoning.  I thought of making this post to further shed some light on my picks.  I have ordered these based on the year they were released.  

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1. My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) 

My best friend when I was 11 years old kindled my love for romantic comedy films.  And Julia Roberts is the queen of Romantic Comedy films.  I love her movies and this is my favorite of them all.  Primarily because she didn't get the guy she was pining for.. or didn't she?  I love movie twists and turns because I always try to guess them. And when movies don't turn out the way most would expect it becomes instant favorites.  I have a lot of romantic comedy films, but surely this is the best one for me.

2. Fight Club (1999)

I first watched this film with my college best friend and we were laughing our heads off at the very last bit where there was a cigarette burn.  She taught me to watch until the very very end in all of the movies and it was always worth it, regardless of a cigarette burn or not.  This is the least we could do for all those that worked hard for the movie whose face wasn't shown on the big screen.  

As I mentioned, I love twists and turns and this movie has it all!  You would want to watch it over again and it will be on a whole new light now that you know the twist.  Just don't forget the first rule of Fight Club. 

3. Rush Hour 2 (2001)

Okay, I love the whole Rush Hour Trilogy and especially all the BTS footage. Rush Hour 2 was my favorite among the three.  I was laughing the most here and appreciate all the fight scenes! I am a Jackie Chan fan and I love comedies as well.  This was the perfect blend.

4. The Notebook (2004)

I have to admit that I am a hopeless romantic. I love those grand gestures, never-ending love, and the Nicholas Sparks boys, which I all have yet to experience. This is the ultimate romantic movie of our time and if there's one sappy movie that should be on my list, this would be it. 

5. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

I am a Star Wars fan and this is my favorite, so far.  Actually, this is very much close to Episode 8, but Yoda's not there so, it's just second.  Anakin's turn was so heartbreaking and epic that this is my favorite.  This is the actual birth of Darth Vader and should be something that everyone needs to watch and see.

6. Donor (2010)

A friend of me recently asked what's my favorite local film.  Aside from watching "Okay Ka Fairy Ko" movies as a child, I wasn't really exposed to watching local films.  I fell in love with the art and took pride in what Filipino artists can produce because of the local stage theater scene and independent filmmaking industry through Cinemalaya.  Donor was that one movie from Cinemalaya that I will never forget and would always be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the festival and even just talking about independent films. 

Again, as a lover of twists and turns, this doesn't have much but the ending really made me jump at was at the edge of my seat and then a flood of emotions came through my whole being.  That's how much impact those minutes made in my life.  This makes this movie my favorite local film, I guess, of all time.

7. It Takes a Man and a Woman (2013)

This is the third installment of the trilogy of Miggie and Laida and this is my favorite of all.  I may not be a fan of happy endings but this one just gave a smile in my heart.  I am a fan of John Lloyd Cruz and also a fan of Sarah Geronimo.  Filipinos also have a good share of romantic comedy films and this one will make it in the history books.  

8. Sana Dati (2013)

Another one from Cinemalaya.  Honestly, I am not a fan of the main actors, however, I liked them here.  It was also more of the story and how everyone and everything came together.  It's also not a typical love story and for me, it was a realistic good ending. This is the third installment of the Camera Series Trilogy of Jerrold Tarog.

9. Heneral Luna (2015)

This revived my hope for Philippine Cinema and made me proud to be a Filipino.  It may seem that most would find regret and shame, however, for me, it was more of a lesson to be learned and kept in heart and mind in looking out for the country's future.  We really had a very colorful history and this was captured in this film.  This is the first of a trilogy again from Jerrold Tarog and is so far my favorite.  I have yet to see the third, but this one has set the bar really high.

10. A Quiet Place (2018)

This is my top pick for thrilling movies.  I am not much a fan of Sci-Fi movies however, this one is much more of a thriller than dwelling into the Science Fiction aspect of the story that's why I have learned to appreciate it a lot.  The acting was superb, the plot was engaging.  My mom who was planning to sleep through the movie and even brought a blanket was all up and her eyes were glued to screen and she was screaming louder than me, and that says a lot for someone who would snore during fight scenes in Avengers movies.  

I know there are still a lot of movies out there and are still to come.  I'm excited about what filmmakers have yet to offer with all the greats that came before them.  My top 10 may change in the course of time, however, I would just plan to add 10 more or so on the list of the ones I adore.  This made me realize how much I love unpredictable endings, romantic comedies, thrillers and that I have grown to appreciate the local movie scene.  

What are your favorite movies? Do you see yours on this list? What other movies would you suggest me to see?  Let me know in the comments!  

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