and it came to pass

 i have been blogging for about five years now.  you will see the evolution of my entries here.  it didn't create a fuzz and i'm not sure if anybody even noticed it.  most probably none.

 i'm not sure if my goal now is to get noticed.  but i really really want to be good at this.  at blogging i mean.  i am a frustrated writer.  the math genes from my dad lead me to take up an engineering course that i'm still yet to finish (hopefully).  but i did have the longest record of having better grades in english than in math.  then, my mom saw this movie with christina ricci, prozac nation. and got this idea that i might somehow be like elizabeth if i take up journalism.  thus, even she herself had doubts of me becoming a software engineer and was supposed to stop me to go to the first day of school, it was not the path i took.

 this one would still contain much about the same thing but will be presented in a much better manner and less personal and/or psychotic.  there are entries that when i go and read them back today, i would have a problem deciphering what i was really talking about.

 i may have an idea of what to put in it but i was stuck in getting new blog name.  so, i sought the help of my friends and asked for suggestions on what word would best describe me.  after a couple of responses, i trimmed it down to six.  then, i held out a poll, and a third of the votes say that "jagged" is the best word to describe moi.

i would like to thank eric capacia of fierce blogs for suggesting this word to me, and as he puts it.. "...jagged.. Somebody who is very keen of her environment even though you play oblivious at times..."  thanks, eric! Ü

 so here in the jagged barn,  one would find entries about life, stories about my view on what's happening around, my take on movies, plays, music, food, television shows, books, gadgets, internet finds and whatever i happen to come across with. and almost everything that life would offer.  so, watch out.

after twenty five years of existence, laarni lopez is now jagged!

The Jagged Barn

Your oblivious but observing blogger.

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