Bellyfest 2010 Part 1 of 3: The Arabian Bazaar

Bring out your hip scarves and shimmy your way to the PETA Center for the first part of PETA's East West Danse: Bellyfest 2010!

As I have written in my post-it notes last Tuesday, I am one of the 10 bloggers chosen to get free passes to see the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)'s East West Danse.  The first part of this month-long celebration of dance is Bellyfest 2010.  This is where we watched and experienced Belly Dancing and the Middle Eastern dance fever!  This post is all about the Arabian Bazaar that PETA Center transformed into during that day.

The event was held at the PETA Center in Quezon City.  We arrived at about 1:00 PM and the Arabian Bazaar is already open.  After a few words of welcome and reminders from Meann Espinosa and Leloi Arcete with regards to blogging the events to come, we got the tickets and registered.  Since we were within the first 100 people who registered, we get to have their loot bag!  Weeee! Freebies!

The gold paper bag contains:
  • 2010 Calendar Poster from White Castle
  • December 2008 - February 2009 Issue of Asian Dragon Magazine
  • Carefree acti-fresh Extra Care Daily Feminine Wash 
  • flyers from other sponsors
  • two sachets of pH Care Intimate Wash Pink Passion variant
  • 50 mL Myra-E Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer
  • Celeteque Faci al Wash and Facial Moisturizer (10 mL each)
  • Champola's Pop Pop
  • Regent's Twigz Biscuit Sticks
  • White Castle Playing Cards
  • White Castle Lighter
We then got the forms to fill out in order be this season's PETA subscribers.  We filled out and submitted the forms fast.  I'm excited to get our ID's and of course this season's productions.

We roamed around the Arabian Bazaar to check out what's in store for us.  Guess what?  More freebies!

Art N' Faces had a booth set up in the bazaar and they are putting glitter tattoo in the participants of the festival for free!  Of course, this is something we would not want to miss!  So, we picked the design and colors we want.  I chose a butterfly design and picked out three colors for it and had it glitter tattooed on my left cheek!  We also saw jewel stickers and they're also for free!  We picked out small but cute designs to put in our foreheads. 

The Pocari Sweat booth was handing out bottles of their Ion Supply Drink to the people in the bazaar.  This is the first time I had one.  I thought it was just water, so, I was surprised when I took my first gulp!  It tastes nothing like water!  So, I had to read the label again and erase from my mind that this was supposed to water.  It did quench our thirst and made us survive the following festivities.

There's also a photo wall set up.  Of course, we did not miss the chance to pose for a picture.

There were a couple of other stalls set up inside the PETA Center selling all sorts of stuff, primarily in the Middle Eastern dance theme. Belly dancing costumes, skirts, veils and hip scarves are all available for one's taking.  Beautiful necklaces and earrings and other pieces of jewelry were being sold.


But I especially eyed the glass bangles.  I have always wanted to have a couple, but found them too costly in the malls or maybe I was just too afraid to break them, being made out of glass and all.  But I was able to find a couple in the bazaar and the best part is, it's only for 10.00 Php each!  Kiki and I bought 10 each.

Dove also had a small booth set up.  They have a mini sink there where you can wash your hands with very mini bits of Dove Soap.  At first they would check the moisture percentage of your skin, then, they would have wash with the mini bits of Dove Soap and check your moisture percentage again after washing.  I am proud to say, that during the initial reading I am already 44.1% moisturized, and among those who already signed up at that time, I got the highest percentage!  I'm not sure whether to thank my Dial All Day Freshness Body Wash or my Nivea Hand Moisture Boost Gel Creme or both. ;) Although, right after washing with the mini bits of Dove Soap, I when they checked, I'm now 47.1% moisturized!  The girl said that it would be best to be 51% and above moisturized, getting a lower percentage would mean that your skin is dehydrated and would not be as beautiful.  They also handed out a small version of the Dove beauty cream bar (25g) for free!  Weee!

Slenda, of course, had a booth in the event.  Actually, they have two!  One in front of the PETA Center and one inside.  They of course featured their product they were also playing a clip of the video of the Slendance, the recommended fun way to loose more weight aside from taking their product.  The DVD of how to do the Slendance was also available on the booth.  Too bad, we were unable to get our Slenda goodies yet. We have learned more about this weight loss capsule in the event.  And you can check more information about it in their website.

The belly dancers were also roaming around in full belly dancing costumes!

All in all, the PETA Center did transform into a place of festivities and created an Arabic feel in the ambiance!  Good work guys!

Up Next: Bellyfest 2010 Part 2 of 3: Belly Dancing Workshops and Performances

more photos here!

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