Traveling with Noah: Enjoying Davao in Secdea Beach Resort

Noah loves the beach as much as I do, and maybe more when he grows up, and I'm so grateful that he doesn't freak out in the water and love the waves splashing his face.  This is not the first time we went to the beach but this was the first time Noah flied out of Luzon.  This is my 3rd time in Davao and I always see to it to visit the Samal Island and experience the beach.  Secdea Beach Resort is the best Samal Island beach resort I have stayed in so far.  Thanks to my officemate, April, who went there before I did and recommended the place.  

Secdea Beach Resort is located in Samal, Davao, Philippines.  From Davao City one has to go to the SaSa Wharf and take the RoRo to the Samal Island.  Noah still gets to ride for free, but it's 10 pesos for me.  We have arranged for pick up to get to the resort after we disembark the RoRo.  It was about a 10-minute van ride from the wharf to the resort.  

Noah's First RoRo Ride
I initially was able to contact them through Facebook and closed deals through email.  It was quite challenging for me to pick a room for us, so instead, I messaged them and asked for their recommended rooms for our group.  The staff gave a number of options and included the price.  It was really helpful in finally deciding to get the Sea Breeze Lodge for one night at their resort.  

The Sea Breeze Lodge was really spacious for the 8 of us (including Noah).  We needed to request for 4 extra beds, but that's alright.  The lodge was big enough for even more.  There are two bathrooms and two rooms.  Too bad the WiFi signal didn't reach our place and there were no floor mats, it got messy when we had to go in even if we were wet.  Other than that, I can stay there for days more!  And Noah started to get comfortable and was checking out everyone's rooms!

Their food was scrumptious!  We didn't get the dinner buffet, thinking it would cost a lot, but I spotted one whole roasted pig (lechon) being served in the buffet table!  If I'd known, I would have said it was worth it!  Although, our dinner was not bad a all.  At least we get to order what we really wanted.  Too bad there were a number of deserts that were out of season or unavailable that we needed to change our dessert orders a number of times.  Although, we still ended up enjoying the dessert they managed to serve.

Mommy enjoys dinner while Noah sleeps
Our package was with buffet breakfast and even if Noah still wasn't much of an eater then, he enjoyed the area and we were playing "Noah Goes Down the Steps while Mommy Tries to Grab a Bite Before Noah Runs Off".  I have mastered the game over time and was still able to enjoy breakfast.  We were there early so, seats and serving was not a problem.  Although, I don't think it would be even if we were a little late.

The best part of Secdea is their beach!  This was the factor that made it the best Samal Resort I have been to so far.  Others had too much sea weed, or the water was not clear, or it was too low tide, or the sand is not friendly at all that we needed to go to a different nearby "island".  Noah and I enjoyed the little waves and sand was not too harsh on the feet.  The sea water was not too salty too.  Just right.

And they also have a pool.  I have rediscovered to joy of a swimming pool because of Noah.  I almost forgot how to have fun in a confined water system until this little boy reminded me.  They have the pool for all shapes and sizes and it would be impossible not to find somewhere you would like, so you better try them all.  I got Noah to let go of me and enjoy in the baby pool!  

Overall, I can't just let go of our stay in Secdea without blogging about it.  I would definitely book another night in this place in case we would go back to Davao.  This is the best Samal Island Beach Resort for me, so far.. Let me know what is yours in the comments!

Secdea Beach Resort - Facebook

Call these numbers to book your reservation or if you have further queries so that the right department can attend to your concern immediately - (Samal) 305-2774 or 305-4028 local 11 or 12 or (Davao) 295-7912 or 0932-868-0887 or 0925-892-6072

If you or someone you know is looking for a resort to stay in Samal or while you are in Davao, go ahead and share this post!  I love the beach so much and your recommendations for other beach resorts that are kid friendly are very much welcome!  Comment away!  Let me know!

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