Nail Polish for May and June

I was sooo busy last month that I did not have time to go to the parlor and I wanted badly to get my nails painted.  So, I gave it a shot on my own!  Scary!  Another thing that made me do this is that I wasn't able to find the color that I like in the salon.  So, here's my nail polish last month..

Yes, I wanted gray!  So, it was a gray May 2010 for me.

However for this month, I wanted shiny royal blue! :

My nails are blue this month!  I'm still not sure what color of nail polish I would sport next, but I'm always on the look out, specially the nail polish bloggers out there, on what would be best.. Do you have suggestions?  Comment away!  Thanks!

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  1. hi 'te barn.. nice nails..
    i like the color, royal blue..
    have you tried pussyred?
    i think it will look lovely on your nails.. :)

  2. hi cath! nice suggestion! :) i might try that next time and be sure to post it here!