Post It Note Tuesday: MT2 2010 Dramafest and Danse, Blog and Win!

I'm back!  It has been a long time since my last PINT post.  And I miss it sooo much!  I'm so glad it's Tuesday.  Here are my post its for the day:

We were able to catch Mapua Tekno Teatro's Dramafest 2010.  And here are my notes.. (how appropriate :))

The PETA Theter would be having a dance even this month called DANSE.  It would feature Bellydancing and Middle Eastern dance fever, Pinoy and French contemporary dance and Agnes Locsin’s masterwork: "Sayaw, Sabel".  Together with Slenda, they had a contest:

I hope everyone's having a good Tuesday!  Until next week! Mwah!!

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  1. me too, i love US holidays..
    more avail time & aux's..
    aka more petix.. :D