Makeup Giveaways and More! [0628]

Here are the latest giveaways and more around the blogosphere!  And I can't wait to participate in all of them!  These wonderful prices and very easy ways to join would really make you wanna.. blog! Ü

001 Selina's 50 Readers Giveaway

Of course now, 50 has already quadrupled because of this very generous giveaway!  All you would need to do is be a follower of The Stalling, blog about her contest and put a comment on her blog that says, "Enter Me!" and of course, the link to your blog where you shared this giveaway.  So, what will you be winning?  Here's the loot!  Click on the image to officially join the contest!

002 Diana's Nubar California Dreamin' Giveaway!

Do you love nail polish?  I do!  This is the giveaway for you then.  Check out what she is giving away in her blog!  Go and click the picture to get to the mechanics and increase your chances of winning!  You only have until July 1st, so, hurry!

003 Sarah's 1200 Follower Giveaway!

What's your favorite lipstick?  This is the only thing you need to win the following items!  Go and click the image for more instructions..  You need to do it now, this contest ends on June 30!

004 Liana's Bronzed Babe Summer Giveaway!

Before this month ends, make sure to check if you are ready to be bronzed up!  Look at this giveaway that would give you the perfect bronze for summer!  Well, at least in other parts of the world.  Make sure to do this before June 30 and don't miss the chance and click on those lovely goodies!

005 Lou's 500 Follower Giveaway!

If you have read this late and the previous contests have already ended, don't fret, this one's for you!  You have a chance to win these goodies until July 23!  Isn't that great?  Click on the picture and get a chance to win this cute eyeshadow palette and more!

006 Ife's Reader Appreciation Day!

If you love accessories like I do, here's the giveaway for us!  It's only open until June 30!  So, click on the image, now!

Weee! I'm sooo excited, I hope I win any if not all these goodies! Good luck everyone!

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