Team Carnival: Favorite TV Program

I am a boob tube addict.. Okay, not really as addicted as staying in front of the television 24-hours a day.. but I love watching the telly!

When we were kids, my mom will ban me from the television to teach me a lesson, and I would be throwing fits!  I would say, "let me do something else!  punish me some other way!"  but of course, she would know that she hit the right spot and would not be giving in.

So, when Team Carnival, called for the post for this week to be your favorite TV show, I got sooo excited, that I don't even know how to start!

Okay, this long list would definitely show my age, but what the heck.  The best TV shows were during the 80's anyways.. Ha!

As a kid I have enjoyed cartoons and other kiddie shows like a typical youngster, and that list would be endless, from Voltes V to Daimos, to Princess Sara to Cedie, from Batibot to Sesame Street, which I still love until my late teens.  And there was Punky Brewster.  Now, I don't exactly remember the show and what the story is about, but my mom said I would always request that she make my hair style the same as Punky Brewster's, so I guess the show was my favorite.

But after a couple of years, when I learned to watch stuff in TV other than cartoons (yes, that one did not wear off even after age *anime*), I can say that my all time favorite TV show is Ally McBeal.  It was back when there was no cable yet (at least at home) and it was not even showing in the top networks here in the Philippines, but I don't really care, because I love it!  I try as much as possible to catch it every week.  Good thing back then, my mom did not mind if I stay up late than usual, well, they were not really there to actually scold me.

I love the script very much.  I love the characters.  I love the actors.  The drama and the comedy combined!  I may not want to grow up like Ally, but I sure was able to identify with her and the whole cast!  I know that says much about my personality, but hey, those are great peeps, and I don't mind to be identified with them.

So, how addicted was I?  I was not satisfied in just watching them every week.  I had to print out a detailed description of each show.  The script was not available at that time, but the website has a very much detailed blow by blow account of everything that happened on a particular episode.  Then, when I went to college, I needed to stay in a dormitory where there is a common room where the television is.  I would need to be there early to have control over the telly.  But that doesn't happen ever quite often.  So, I have asked my mom and my siblings to record in VHS back then this week's episode, and I would just watch it during the weekends.  And then, the show ended.  I wasn't able to catch the final episode, but I sought high and low to see it.  Of course I was already able to read that online already, but I still want to watch it for real.  Then DVD's were born, but back then you could only fit 5 to 6 episodes.  Well, I didn't really get to buy or own the set, but I have a friend who has.  So, I borrowed it.  And for some time that was all that I was watching whenever I get home.  It took me more than a year to finish.  I was able to influence my mom in watching it as well.  Now, I'm still in search for a good copy of all the episodes of all the 5 seasons and this time, in DVD with higher capacity!  I sure hope I would have the money when I get to find it already.  I have also been blogging about it in my very personal blog site.  Here is my favorite quote, and my favorite scene.   

Of course, all things must come to an end, and so did Ally McBeal.  I still watch the TV, of course, and I'm currently loving House, Glee, American Idol, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and a whole lot more.  But Ally and those in Cage and Fish (and McBeal) would still have a special spot in my heart.. specially the unisex! :p

How about you?  What's your favorite TV show of all time? You can put it in the comment below or write a blog about it and head to Team Carnival to join this week's posting call!  And don't forget to vote for me (Laarni) on the site as well!

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  1. barn... only 24 series by Keifer Sutherland can make me a certified couch potato!

    keep writing!

  2. Hi sir! I'm glad you're able to pass by.. Mommy and the boys were the ones who got addicted to 24! :)