I Heart Lutong Macau

one saturday morning, after work, we decided to eat out and have breakfast.  for the longest time, i have been wanting to try Lutong Macau.  most of the time we pass by Jupiter St. in makati and see that restaurant.  a friend once told me that the food is good there.  so, when the chance presented itself, i have asked them that we have breakfast in Lutong Macau.

One thing I did not like though, is that websites are not updated with their store hours.  The only ones that I found say that they are open from 10:00 AM til 11:00 PM.  So, we waited until that time to go there.  Due to the proximity of the place from our office we left at about 10:00 AM, then to my dismay, they open at 10:30 AM!  So, we needed to wait outside under the scorching sun before they told us that we could already go inside.  Maybe they took pity on us because it was a couple of minutes before 10:30 AM.

 We expected that it will take them some time before to serve the food that we ordered because they just opened.  Good thing though, they took our orders already right after we were able to decide on what to have.

I love fruit shakes and it has been quite a while since I had one, so I ordered for their red grape shake.  It tasted sooo good and very natural.  You'd know it's made from real grapes.

red grape shake

 i loove real fruit shakes

We of course ordered dimsum and we chose hakaw!  It could also be spelled as hakao.  It's a soft dumpling with shrimp inside! Yummy!


For soup, we had Hototay.  Their Hototay was sooo delicious and it has a lot of sea food meat and vegetables!

For our viand we ordered prawns with broccoli.  Isn't it obvious we love seafood and veggies sooo much!

And we had Lutong Macau's special fried rice.

Everything was scrumptious and tasty!  I will definitely go back to Lutong Macau and try their other delicacies.  This might not be an ideal place if you are looking for a romantic ambiance, but it would be good for family dinners or office food outs.  I forgot how much each dish caused, but our bill totaled to a little over 1,000 Php.  Not bad, really not bad!

Where have you dined out recently?  Was it any good?  Let me know! Comment away! :)

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  1. Wow, those prawns with broccoli look good! Will surely try this.

  2. have you tried Cibo's version of the red grape shake? sarap din sobra

  3. hi all, thanks for visiting!
    @mclaren: it sure tastes soo good! the broccoli was crispy and not overcooked.
    @girlie: i sure would love to try that sometime, and when i blog about it, i would not forget to thank you! :)