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I'm not really a make-up junkie.  Okay, so maybe I am now.  But I'm really not good at it.  I don't know what to buy and there are a lot of cosmetics out there that I'm not sure how to use.

My mom doesn't really use much make-up so, I don't have someone to guide me.  The only knowledge I know about make-up is for stage use only.  But this type of wearing make up is not really for your daily endeavors. You would look like a clown!

Thanks to the make up bloggers out there, I get bits and pieces of advice regarding cosmetics!  One in particular is Pammy of J'adore Rougit. I love her reviews!  Obviously, I'm a follower.

Thus, when she had a Summer Blog Sale last April, I grabbed the opportunity to update my kikay kit.  It really was a sweet deal.  I had the following items for only 550 Php, which is already inclusive of shipping.

This set includes:
1. ELF Studio Golden Bronzer (used thrice, still looks new)
2. Clinique Frosted Blossom Eyeshadow (swatched twice)
3. 4U2 Blush Quad (swatched once)
4. Styli-Style Hipstick in Groovy (swatched twice)
5. Prestige Black Eyeliner

Actually, the last item was the one that made me get these items because I badly need a new eyeliner.   I received everything bubble wrapped, thus I'm sure it was not be damaged during shipping.  Of course, it was the price that really made me go for it.

This is not the first time I have bought stuff online and with this one I am sooo confident about my purchase.  I sure hope Pammy would have another sale, so that everybody else would be able to get hold of good make up at a good price.

Aside from that, she made a review about the Marionnaud N32 slanted blush brush. And I badly need a new brush for my blushes (including the one I bought from her) and I have no idea what to look for in a brush.  So, during my next trip to the mall after reading her review, I went to look for it and I'm so glad I found it!

It was everything she said it would be.  I'm glad I bought it.  I was actually thinking about buying the set, but I'm really not in the need for those ones, so, I just got hold of this bit. 

This is the essence of blogging.  Being able to share to people the things you have learned in life and what you are knowledgeable about.  You will never know where the pieces of information you give out would reach and how much it would contribute to another person's life.

What have you learned so far from the blogs you're following?  Hope you have learned some stuff from my blog too.. :p

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  1. I'm also a follower of Pammy's blog. I love her sense of humor.

    I agree with you. There are so much things to learn from reading blogs. Not only that, blogging serves as my stress-reliever at work.

    Lots of love,

  2. Hi Golden! Thanks for dropping by! You're correct! I always look forward to start blog hopping.. :)

  3. This is really sweet of you. And I'm glad that the blush brush did not disappoint you at all.:P

  4. hi pammy, thanks for dropping by! :) i'm just giving credit where credit is due..