A Jagged Book Review: We're So Famous by Jaime Clarke

Genre: Pop Americana

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publishing Date: 2001

I got this book because of the Buy 1 Take 1 promo of a department store.  This is the take one.  I guess, back then I liked the cover and the story it promised.

We're So Famous is about three teenage girls who wants to make it big in Hollywood.  They got a big break because of a tragedy, but didn't really get to reach the stars.  This is the story of the journey.

Apologies for my lack of enthusiasm.  Basically, it's my fault.  I sort of had seen it coming after a few pages on the book.  I guess, you really have to be an American to appreciate the story.  I guess I was able to connect with the fact that I am an 80's baby, and I too had the aspirations of being famous.  But after that, I was already dragging myself to finish the book.

It had its perks.  There are points wherein you would want to know what would happen next.  But when you get there, it seems that you really did not go anywhere.

I read All-American Girl while I was reading this, and I got to finish it before I went back and finish this one.

I can't say that I enjoyed every page of it, because I didn't, but if you live in the US during the 1980's you'd enjoy this better than I did.

Have you had any good reads lately?  Comment and share! :)

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