Beaches of Summer 2010

The summer season in the Philippines can already be declared to be over (some including me, would like to disagree).  The days of May 2010 already passed.

This year, my friends and I conquered a north and south beach spot!

South Beach Spot: Sunrise Cove, Calatagan, Batangas


Although we planned for this trip almost a month before the actual date, the only thing we had planned is the date of the trip.  So, that's not really counted as planning, but it's a good thing we still managed and it still pushed through!

We decided to meet at the sort-of mall in the Taft Station of MRT.  There we "rented" a van bound to Calatagan.  We negotiated with them to be drive us to the resort that we would like and then pick us up the next day.  There was a bit of commotion because of misunderstandings, but all went well.

During our "planning" stage, we eyed to stay at the Sunrise Cove.  However, we did not get any response through e-mail and no one was picking up the phone we try to contact them through land line.  Bad, I know.  This is the main reason why we appear to be unprepared about everything.  But, the website and the rates are very promising, so, even without reservation and we really don't know where it is in Calatagan, we still wanted to stay there.  Even if the driver of the van hesitated a lot.  Eventually, we knew why.

When we were able to settle everything with the driver, we stopped over at the Calatagan market to buy the things that we need.  What we would have for dinner and for next day's breakfast.  Of course, we did not forget drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic ;)).

The road to Sunrise Cove is very difficult.  It's like we were going to the ends of the earth!  The roads are no longer cemented and it's almost impossible to see the road ahead.  It was also sooo steep that we were all nervous.  We can't help but ask, "Where are we?" "Are we still in the Philippines?"  Well, that last question was immediately answered by the posters of the politicians.

But once we got there, it was all worth it.

We stayed at a "house" by the "mountain".  Sorry, I'm lost for words at this moment.  It was a bit of an effort to go from the "house" to the beach.  I am always scared to go up and down the stairs because of the clutz that I am.

One thing about the south beaches that I'm not so much of a fan of are the seaweeds!  It's hard to swim if there are other entities floating or sort of swimming around you.  Also the fact that it's almost always low tide.  You are already too far away from the shoreline but the water is still only up to your knees.  This is why most of the resorts in the south have balsa's.

Simply because of the company of great friends, that's why I enjoyed this beach trip a lot.  So, will I go back here?  If not with them again, I don't think so.

For a group of 7 - 10 people each one shelled out less than 2,000 Php for the whole trip.  Food, transpo and accommodation included.

North Beach Spot: Anawangin, Zambales

A few weeks after the south beach escapade, our friends invited us to join them and other groups of friends to spend a weekend in Anawangin, Zambales.  Since I love the beach, I agreed to join them.  And I am very glad that I did!

All I knew about Anawangin is that it's a great beach spot.  Then, I eventually learned, that you need to be prepared for everything, because there's no actual place to stay, you would need to bring tents if you would be staying overnight.

Our friends were the ones who organized everything.  All we need to do is join them and be prepared ourselves.  They were the ones who prepared the means of transportation, the food, the tents, everything!  Of course, we would need to share in the expenses they incurred for the preparation.

We even have torches as our source of light during the night.

From Manila, it was about a 6-hour drive to Zambales, then a boat ride of about 45 minutes.  We were so excited that we did not really notice how long the boat ride was.

When we reached the island, there was no communication signal for our mobiles phones.  And yes, there are no available accommodations.  There were a lot of people than I have anticipated.  And almost everyone have tents set up already.

We camped at the farther part of the island.  We needed to cross a small bridge to get to our camp site.

There is a bathroom "set up".  However it's not walled with cement and there's no roof.  So, if you are a bit particular about the amenities, this is not the adventure for you.  But there is a toilet.  You would just need to use the pump and manually get water to be able to bathe and do your stuff.

I love this beach!  There are no seaweeds!  But there are jellyfish around.  So, you still need to sort of watch out a little.  I love the sun!  At last I got tanned.  But the sand was too hot to walk in barefooted.

The next morning we actually ran out of drinking water.  Good thing there's a store there, but of course as you can expect the price is very steep compared to the usual price in the city.  At least, there is still hope for emergency cases such as this.

We sure felt we were in a reality show like Survivor.  But it was fun!

I did enjoy my stay here in Anawangin, but will I go back?  Yes, but only if there would be other people preparing for the trip.  I mean, for the food and all that.  I'm lazy that way.. :p

For a group of about 10 - 11, we spent only about 1,500 Php each.  That's inclusive of the food, transportation, and everything else.  Although, one of our friends brought the tents.  I'm not sure how much and if there are tents for rent there.

All in all we had a wonderful summer at the beach this year!  It's really nice to go out of town with friends and get away from the city life once in a while.

How is your summer this year?  Where did you go?  Comment and share! 

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