Bellyfest 2010 Part 3 of 3: The Grand Evening Show

Bring out your hip scarves and shimmy your way to the PETA Center for the first part of PETA's East West Danse: Bellyfest 2010!

As I have written in my post-it notes last Tuesday, I am one of the 10 bloggers chosen to get free passes to see the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)'s East West Danse.  The first part of this month-long celebration of dance is Bellyfest 2010.  This is where we watched and experienced Belly Dancing and the Middle Eastern dance fever!  This post is about the highlight of the Bellyfest: The Grand Evening Show!

After the days festivities in the lobby of the PETA Center, we move on to the theater to witness the main event!

The show was divided into two parts.  The first part was a story about a man named Issam, who was in search for the best gift he could ever give or present to the woman she loves.  Unfortunately, Issam is poor but is an artist and the girl is rich, thus her father expects and wants that she would be married to rich and wealthy man as well.  So, Issam searched all over the world to search for that gift.

As he search, far and wide, he came across different cultures and different people.

Brazil - Capoeira and Belly Dance Brazil

 Egypt - Isis Wings

At one point, he even had an "Enigma".

But he was able to overcome it and went on to his journey.

Spain  - The Spanish Guitar and Belly Dance Spain

The Orient - Wushu and Belly Dance China

Then, he realized that the greatest gift that he would be able to give is the knowledge that he accumulated over the journey that he has gone.  And with that, when he got back home, they got wed, and lived happily ever after.

It was story-telling through dance!  And the colors and movements are sooo entertaining!

The second part of the show was the showcase and presentation of the students of Peak Performance.  Definitely, there was a lot of belly dancing!

Ms. Priya Murugesan, the one who did the Bollywood workshop, performed a solo dance number.

The cutest belly dancers I have ever seen also performed!

Tonette Mendiola also had another solo dance performance.

We were all sooo amazed by the performance of Ms. Sundee Vinas.  Yes, she was belly dancing while balancing that sword on her head.

Zumre also has students as he share the art of Tribal Belly Dancing.

To break away from all those belly dancing numbers, the Jazz and Striptease students of Donna Salubayba had dance numbers as well.

And of course, Ms. Belynda Azhaar had a stunning solo performance.  As kiki said, she looks like Nicole Diamond and in this number she looks like the Sparkling Diamond in Moulin Rouge.

And that concludes the Bellyfest 2010!  I sure hope I would be able to witness it again next year!  Who knows, I might be one of the recitalists?!?  Bwahahahahahah!

Congratulations to PETA, Peak Performance and Slenda, for a wonderful way to start the East West DANSE Series!

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more photos here!
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