Post It Note Tuesday: Art-Filled Jagged Barn

Okay, I wasn't really able to blog as much as I wanted to last week.  I guess because a week is too short for the things I want to post and the things I have yet to attend to in life.  So, for this week's PINT, I would be sharing with you my plans for the coming month or the next 30 days or so!  Weee!  I'm sooo excited!

I sure am filling my life with art.. until I drown.. or even if I do..

Happy Tuesday everyone!  How's arts and culture in your life?

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  1. Wow, that is wonderful! I definately don't have the cash to do all that. I do love to take in a play though. Stopping by from Supah's. :)

  2. GOOD Luck with your adventures and enjoy yourself.

  3. Sounds great ... I could go for a little culture about now!

  4. Arts and culture...hmm, a drum and bugle corps show, band camp, and a baseball game. Do any of those count?

  5. Virgin Lab Fest started today, and I had sooo much fun! I'll blog about it in a few.. thanks for dropping by! I'm just reaping the fruits of my labor and have something totally out of the office.. a little arts and culture in your life would never hurt us! mwah!

  6. hi cfoxes33! the drum and bugle corps show and band camp i guess would count.. but i'm not sure with the baseball game.. ;)

  7. hi stacey! it sure will be! :D i had fun today at the virgin lab fest.. i would be posting it in a few.. :)