Shrek 4ever After

I am a big fan of Shrek!  Although, I must admit that I did not like the third installment.  Thus, I hesitated to watch this last one.

I have seen very little of the trailers since I was unable to watch movies in the big screen lately.  Still, my love for Shrek won over, so we head on the to the mall to watch Shrek, The Final Chapter.

And we were not disappointed!  It's amazing!  When, I thought they were already running out of stories, here's an amazing one.. of course, I cried.  Then I learned, it's difficult to cry with 3D glasses on! Bwahahahahahah!  Of course, we laughed a lot as well!

If you haven't seen it yet, I sure hope it's still showing out there, this jagged barn is highly recommending that you catch the fourth and final movie of Shrek!

Special thanks to hollywoodstreams for uploading this trailer on YouTube.
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