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It has been quite a hiatus due to the demise of my old laptop, however, God has blessed me with a new MacBook Pro and what a way to start this year's series of blog posts with a very wonderful musical production, "Katy."

"Katy: The Musical" is a production of Spotlight Artist Centre and is being staged in the Cultural Center of the Philippines' Little Theater.  I was able to see their 8:00 PM run last January 20, 2013.

It was actually quite daunting to be able to get good seats and purchase tickets from Ticket World, but it was all worth it.

Isay Alvarez and Dulce are enough names to make me look forward to see this show.  Of course, the story of "Katy" did seal the deal.  It is about how the stage and performing became Katy dela Cruz's dream, love and life.  The musical highlights her earliest performances in fiestas and cockpits and started with Teatro Lux and as she moved to Grand Opera House and to San Francisco, USA.

The musical numbers are grand and amazing, however, what is more important are the stories behind the stage: her relationships, with her dad and husband, her friends and rivals and the important turn of the century in Philippine history and culture.

The house music would definitely set the mood and and start your travel back in time to Katy's era, but nothing prepared me for the amazing blending of voice and music during the Overture.  That alone, didn't stop my hands from coming together in an applause, even if the curtains are closed and there's really nothing happening on stage.  It is sure the best way to set myself to be entertained.  And I definitely was not disappointed.

Yedda Lambujon played the young Katy and has an amazing voice.  You would wonder how much power that little frame can contain.  She was comfortable on stage and you can see that she enjoys the fun that a performance brings.

One of my celebrity crushes is Epy Quizon and it was nice seeing him perform on stage.  Too bad, I didn't get to catch him during the meet and greet at the end of the show.  I still crush him, though.  Just wondering why he doesn't have his credentials on the playbill in the line up of casts.

One of the pleasant surprises that I had was with Pip, Tirso Cruz III!  Honestly, he wasn't shining as much during his first few scenes, but when I look back, he was the one making those scenes a whole lot better!  His first song was also just okay, however when the second act started, especially when he sang "Tingnan Mo Nga Naman," I was in awe!  Now I know why he's the favorite actor of my aunt.  He was able to completely portray a very sweet and a very strict dad at the same time.  He was able to touch my heart in that performance.  And when he took his bow during the curtain call, I can't help but see how handsome he really is.  Haven't lost his charm and talent one bit.

Another pleasant surprise is Aicelle Santos.  We all know she has a wonderful voice, but this production also showcased that she is able to perform and act on stage.  She was able to keep her character in times of technical problems and her timing is good.  I am looking forward to see her more on Philippine musical productions.

And the must see artist of the night is Dulce.  You can never deny her indeed God-given talents.  Her voice rocked the whole theater and her character emanated from the stage.  Every single word she uttered was filled with meaning and life.. how much more when she sings it!  As I told her via twitter, I am grateful that she gives her best in every performance and that's what keeping the Philippine Theater scene alive!

They also have a very strong ensemble!  The dances are very technical and they seem to execute all steps with ease and grace.  They make me want to tap, boogie and everything in between.  When they sing, you will hear the beauty of the song in the unity of their voices.  They were also able to support each scene and make us feel the world around the main characters.

Kudos to Nestor Torre, Ryan Cayabyab and Jose Javier Reyes! Being a fan of words and music, you will never go wrong with the combination of these three masters, I am in awe of their talent.

It's just the blackouts were too long and frequent for my taste.  Also, the spotlight from the back that's hitting the audience's heads are kinda distracting.

Another element in this production that gives shivers up and down my spine is Mel Villena and the AMP Band.  Yes, live music was played all throughout the night and it was simply grand.

So, if you are looking for singing sensations and live singing, Les Miserables is not your only option.  Let's continue to support Philippine Theater and don't miss to see "Katy: The Musical" at CCP on January 24 to 27 at 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM.  Hurry!  Almost all shows are sold out!  Click here to secure your tickets.

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