the Hawaiian Tropic splurge

i am addicted to sunblock.  for a fact i know that i look better on a lighter complexion.  but i love going to the beach.  i love swimming.  i love the sun!  but i guess, they don't love me as much.

my skin tends to skip the tan stage.  it goes directly to the look of being burnt.  i never learned to swim, but i'm still hoping that someday i will.  all i know is the dog-style of swimming (langoy aso).  and aside from that, once my skin get burned, it gets sooo painful after.

i guess, i learned the hard way.  i can't say i have found the solution to my problems.  i'm still checking the available aids at the market today, as to which would best aid me.  and so far, the Hawaiian Tropic products are doing the tricks for me!  so, when i had the opportunity,  i went on and had a Hawaiian Tropic splurge!

this is in preparation for our first beach trip for 2010.

SPF45 Plus Sunblock

i have been using this one since last year.  it has been faithful in saving my skin from the painful burnt feeling.

i still get a darker complexion at the end of the day, but it gives me a day or two of being tan.  although, as i mentioned, i am addicted to sunblock.  i'm not sure if the product works really well, or it's because of how i use it.  i put sunblock before going out on the sun.  hopefully, i get to do this about half an hour before sun exposure.  then after 30-45 minutes of being directly under the sun's rays, i would put sunblock again.  yes, like as if i did not put sun block the first time.  i would actually look at my watch from time to time and check if it's time to put sun block again.  i put a generous amount on my arms, shoulders, back (with a little help), legs and feet!  yes, i don't like the slipper marks after too much sun exposure for my feet.

i have gotten used to the smell of this sunblock and it doesn't bother me one bit.  it actually gives me the beach feeling!

and compared to other sunblocks i have used, it's not that sticky.  but i guess, due to my addiction, last year, i had a hard time standing on the surf board, or the board really needs waxing at that time, i'm not sure.

sorry, i forgot how much i got this.  this is not part of the splurge since i already had it since last year.

expiration date: 03/2011

SPF30 Facial Sunblock Lotion

this is the first time i'm using this brand as facial sunblock.  i do the same routine for my face.  i re-apply the facial sunblock after about 30-45 minutes.

this one smells like a regular lotion.

it's more viscous than a regular sunblock, it's almost like paste.

after 4 to 5 five hours of sun exposure, i did not feel any pain in any part of my face and neck.  i did not get any red spots in any part as well.

Price: Php 495.00

Aloe After Sun Moiturizer Forever Tan

As mentioned in the bottle:

Super-Rich Blend; helps hold your tan for weeks longer.
The directions only said that you apply this after bathing.  I'm not sure now, which bathing part?  Is it after every dip in the water?  or is it after i take a bath after swimming?  since i already have the two aforementioned sunblocks with me, i no longer want to add this one.  i forgot to bring my small bag for my on-the-sea-shore stuff with me.  so, i just applied it after i took a bath.

this one has a different smell.  somewhat minty.  most probably the aloe vera, avocado and other stuff it contains.

they said my skin didn't really darken, so, what's there to keep for weeks longer if i'm not yet tan?  but i still applied it just in case i get a little tanner.  next time, i would be using this at the beach when i see and feel that my skin is already getting tan!

it looks watery when you look at it.  but when you put it in your hands already and apply it.  it's like your ordinary lotion.

Price: Php 259.00

Cool Aloe I.C.E. (Instant Cooling Effect) Burn Relief Gel

so, in case all else fails and my skin would end up hurting, i have this as a back up.

in this one, you could really smell the camphor even if it's just 0.10% as indicated at the back of the bottle.

since the previous products did not fail me, i have yet to test this.  i tried using it in a scrape.  because it's listed as one of the uses at the back.

  • temporary pain relief
  • helps relieve and soothes pain from sunburn, minor burns, cuts, scrapes, skin irritatins and insect bites
but it was such as small scrape and i don't really regard it as painful, so, i have yet to check more about this one.  at least, i can use aside from sunburn.  

Price: Php 315.00

i'm not sure which of the sunblocks got in my right eye.

it says that you should wash it immediately with abundant water.  i was not too confident with the water there, so, instead, i let my tears do the work, which was not hard to produce at that time because it was sooo painful!  the tears were freely falling!  and after about 20 - 30 minutes of that and resting my eyes, i was okay.  so, it's pretty much safe.  but i don't want that happening again.

it's never too early to prepare for summer for me.. because i don't wait for summer to go to the beach!

i sure hope this is money well spent.. i have a good feeling it is!

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