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one of tim gunn's great pieces of advice from his show, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, is to have a professional bra fitting.  but let's admit it, here in the philippines, it would be so humilliating to go to a sales attendant in the department store and ask them to take your measurements.  okay, so go to a more reputable store that specializes on lingerie, right?  but these tend to sell their goods at a very high price and most of the normal people would not want to spend as much, well, at least me.  and it would be equally humilliating, if not more, to ask them to take your measurements and then leave without buying anything.  so, go measure yourself, right?  and then again which number goes where and what's with the A-B-C-D stuff?  how would one know?

i came across this discussion in GirlTalk: Professional Bra Fitting.  and ilovenozomi mentioned that she took her own measurements and entered the results on an online calculator!  she didn't give the website though.  so, i went to trusty ol' Google!

there i found this site:

all you need to do is take your measurements at the comforts and privacy of your own room or bathroom, enter the measurements on the site and viola!  you'll get your size in US, UK and other countries' standard measurements!  i think, we are following the one in US.  for sure, the next bra that i would be buying would be based on the size that this site generated for me! 

hope this helps!

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  1. This is indeed very helpful! Thanks :)

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  3. hi! if i were you, i will only use 3 ads with 125 X 125 frame then scatter them like one at the top right, one in the middle left and the last will be below right :D

  4. thanks for the tip mrs. kolca! i'll try it out soon! ;)