barn takes the plunge

after weeks and weeks of waiting, we were able to fly out of luzon and into the visayas.  destination: bohol

i have always thought that the Philippines is such a beautiful country and it would be a shame for us filipinos not to actually marvel on its beauty.  thus, i'm on this quest to be able to visit what the island of pearls could offer.

having a friend like kiki, who has all the time and money in the world to travel, i asked what to do in bohol.  and with a shriek, as always, she told me about "the plunge".  i got revved up and wanted to experience it myself!

so, what's "the plunge"?  here's what their website has to say:

Plunge: a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons.
“The Plunge” is the best “fear factor” experience among other adventure activities on offer. One has to literally plunge to an open air where about two seconds, the plunger will all be defenseless, feel nothing and left all alone.
This experience is one great way to de-stress and even make one appreciate life the more.
It can accommodate 50 pax in a day. Total experience will just take around 10min.
Rate: Php 700
for this jagged barn, it's one hell of an experience!  i think this is the most scary thing i have ever done! and i sure want to do it again.  actually, i wanted to do it right after doing it.  but i was already shaking.. and Php 700 is not really cheap.

i forgot to warn the facilitators that they should not be bothered by my screaming because it's an indication that i'm still alive.. if i don't scream, there must be something wrong.. well, i stopped screaming when i got tired.. heheheheh! as per ros, my screams would make a great alarm tone! Ü i would definitely want to go back and do this again!

until this day, and i'm not sure until when, i could still feel the sensation the experience gave.  woohoo! i could still feel the tightenning of my stomach and the feeling of being helpless and how it feels to fall! woohoo!

after my screaming, i embraced the nature around me and the cool breeze between my toes..

here are some awesome pictures.

getting started; last few swings; getting back on safer grounds; kumag look; admiring the few; another swing; smile before the plunge, taken by lemon

some people do bungee.. i have done surfing.. now, i have taken the plunge.. what's next?!

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