ear decor by pj valenciano

i am not a fashionista.  i have a very hard time looking for and using accessories.  but i know the basics, thus, i stick to it.

for me, the easiest accessory to wear are earrings. thus, late last year (2008) i started buying a lot of pairs.  since i am into basics, most of the earrings that i bought were silver earrings.  because of my big hair i am so much into these dangling accessories.

i have known pj valenciano as a surfer.  she is part of he' e nalu philippines. i have never known until a few months ago that she has this artistic side.  and we both share the love for accessories.  she calls her creations palamuti (decoration).

most propably because it's not surf season, that's why this girl has a lot of free weekends and was able to come up and make earrings.  she gave me the pictures of her designs for me to choose from.  and these are the ones i picked.  i picked two.

the length is just right and the materials used were not really heavy.  i have used both earrings already.  as of now, i only have pictures wearing the one on the left.  and i really think they look good on me.  :p

PJ did not create much so, it's basically on a per order basis and would also depend on the materials she has on hand.  Fortunately, she already have the ones i wanted.

I bought two because the price is sooo right and i wanted to have a new pair when i go to bohol.

If you would want to see more of her designs and if you would like to order a pair or two of these fabulous earrings, please comment below or contact me.

I'm asking her to create/design more earrings and long necklaces as well.  I'll blog it as soon as i find more pieces to my liking.  

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