oreo frappuccino

one of the signs that Christmas is approaching, here in the metro, people start to line up for a Starbucks coffee to be  able to complete their sticker cards to be able to have the Starbucks Planner for the next year.

i love their dark cherry mocha Christmas drink, either hot or frap.  and it's good that it's back for this season.  hopefully they'll extend making it again until next year.

of course i got a card because their planner for 2010 is way better than the one they had for the previous years.  and one great factor is they bring back their discount coupon cards.

since i don't have a problem in completing the Christmas drink stickers, since i like at least one of them, i would like to put a twist in completing the regular drink stickers.  of course i still love chocolate cream chip, strawberries and cream and coffee jelly, but i want to try out new drinks.  and i don't want it coming out from the menu.

so, again, i went to trusty Google and typed in "best Starbucks drink".  i then, stumbled upon this page:

 RS Junkie gives out his top 10 best Starbucks drink that's not on the menu. He also shares how to make them, or at least what to tell the barista as to how to make them.  I checked out his list and picked out something pretty easy to explain and head off to the nearest Starbucks.

I told the one over the counter that I would like an Oreo Frappuccino.  She automatically cut me off and told me that they don't carry Oreo products.  I then told her how to make it as described on the website.  She looked baffled, good thing I typed it on my handy-dandy mobile and showed it to her.  Even before reading it, she said, "We don't have it.  Maybe you'd like something on the menu."  I said, "No.  Could you read this please and check if you could make this one."  She at last read it.  Muttered some words to herself, then, just shook her head and said, "Sorry, no, we can't make this."  Okay, fine.  So, I just ordered the dark cherry mocha frap instead.

I don't want to be defeated.  So, I thought of a way on how to make the Oreo Frappuccino without saying it.  Reading again on how to make it, viola!  I thought of a way to achieve my goal.

I went to Starbucks again, the next day, and ordered for a vanilla caramel frappuccino (or you may ask for a vanilla frappuccino if you don't want the caramel) and asked them to add chocolate chips! The barista said that's okay, with extra cost of course.  So, there!  I got my Oreo Frappuccino!  The chocolate chips acts as the Oreo cooking and the vanilla is the cream of the cookie.  It tastes great and is now added to one of my favorite Starbucks drinks!

Try it and let me know what you think!

On the side note, five days after getting the card, I completed the stickers and was able to get my 2010 planner!  Thanks to all my friends who ordered for a Starbucks drink but didn't want to get the sticker. ;)

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  1. Wow! Congratulations for getting a Starbucks planner this early. I haven't been to the shop lately and I'm just really glad to know that they brought the dark cherry mocha back. I super fell in love with it last year! I suddenly craved for their coffee tuloy, haha.

  2. go go go! i love dark cherry mocha too! go and try the oreo frapp ala starbucks too! i saw in an ad that seattle's blend has the real oreo drink.. haven't tried it though..