barn eats flowers at bohol bee farm

flor, our official bohol tour guide and a good friend, intrigued me when she told me about the Bohol Bee Farm, where they serve a plate with flowers and everything on the plate would be edible.  thus, another task for me, aside from taking the plunge is to eat a plate of flowers.

But there is more to this place than this feat.  When we arrived at the place, we went there for dinner, the atmosphere was cozy and relaxing.  The trees and plants all over the place makes you feel very much in touch with nature.  At that time it seems that they are already geared up for the Christmas season because of the lights and the decor.

the shopper in me took over when i saw this sign that they are selling bags for Php 30.00 only!  i checked out the bags that they have on sale and they are cute.  they are made of different woven materials and i found one that i really liked, style and all, under the heap of bags on sale.  although, it doesn't have a zipper, which is not really practical to be used when i go back to the urban jungle, but i really liked it and since it's just for a cheap price i didn't let go of it.  i tried to find something with a zipper, but could not find one to my liking.  there is one that has a zipper and cute, but is too small for me.  it would just fit my wallet and mobile phone and maybe a few kikay stuff.  

to pay for the bags that i picked, i went inside their shop and there i found more stuff!  my friends who arrived there before us were already in the counter, so, before i pay for the bags, i looked around and checked the store out.

they have a separate room for their foodies.  they have an array of spreads and have samples for each.  they have honey spread, mango spread, pesto spread, choco spread and other products.  (check out the Bohol Bee Farm for more details)  i already agreed that we would not be buying food products unless we really really want to. and since we could already have a taste of everything because of the samples, we didn't really really want to buy anything from that room.  well, most of our friends did buy a lot of spreads and sorts.

they also have a lot of souvenir stuff, from shirts to curtains and a whole lot more.  they have a lot of accessories too!  which is very cheap!  they have a earrings for Php 20.00 only!  thus, i bought 3 pairs.. ☺ 

after shopping we had our dinner and we requested to dine in the pool area.  which is beautifully decorated and was a good photo-op for our friends.  i was already a little tired because we came from taking the plunge, thus, i didn't pose as much.  i just wanted to have dinner.  i actually sort of forgot about the flowers until i saw the menu, then i got excited again! 

here's my order:

and yes, i ate the flowers there.  it was freaky at first or just the mere thought of it.  so, to tone it down a bit i removed the orange flower, the pollens could be too much for me.  i also removed the flower that looked a lot like the bougainvilla, since i could see it in almost every garden in manila.  good thing, before i started to put them in my mouth, someone pointed out the dressing. and i poured about half a cup of it in the flower salad.  i tossed it a lot and discovered croutons underneath, which calmed me a lot and gave me more confidence as i devour the whole serving.  mostly because of the dressing, it sure tasted like your normal salad.  it's just the thought of eating flowers could be bothering.  by the way, the blue petals are a little bitter in taste. 

overall, i enjoyed the meal and i would order it again when i go back.  yes, i will go back to this cute farm and shop more and eat more.

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  1. I love the food, the ambience, the people. everything at Bee Farm!

  2. hi chyng! what time of the day did you go there? i want to try their place with the sun still up.. it would be a different ambiance..