Ateneo BlueRep Stages EDGES: a song cycle

Ateneo Blue Repertory staged EDGES: a song cycle.  I'm not really familiar with it, so I went to the ADMU FA Theatre without expectations, but be entertained.. and I was.

EDGES is a musical written by Pasek and Paul.  It's actually a collaboration of songs that teach, but definitely doesn't preach, about growing up.  The decisions you need to make and all the things that you need to figure out to live and be you were "discussed".  So, it's not your typical story, but it would leave you thinking and entertained.  It is very much appropriate to be staged in a college theater, I sure would have loved and most probably would have cried if I saw this back then.

BlueRep went with the minimalist approach.  The stage is almost always void of props or set, which I think is a brilliant choice.  The performance space is not that big, so it was apt, and it wouldn't have worked if the actors would not be able to fill up that space with talent, and they sure did..

Unfortunately, I was able to see one set only, although I would love to see the interpretations of the other actors, because the songs were so versatile and you could practically do anything with them and just be a character, all on your own. 

Gab Medina showed his tenure in the stage.  You would easily conclude that has been performing for quite some time now and this is definitely not his first production.  Age.  He showed grace and mastery of the craft.  Thus, as the show progressed, much is expected from this guy whenever he goes out on stage.  Unfortunately, his shining moments would find as soon as the song ends.  He is good, just forgettable.

Pauline Gaerlan had her groove on.  She was able to portray a young girl quite well, it didn't look nor sound autistic.  She had the emotions locked and sealed, that when she starts to perform, it's clear.  I'm not a fan of sharp, high-pitched voices, but hers I was able to forgive because of her performance.  And her eyes, even if it was small, was filled overflowing with emotions.  Good job.

Hae-In Lee has a good singing voice, but that's it.  I guess, she was fine during group numbers, but when it comes to her solos you would notice that she may have a good voice, but she had the emotions all wrong.  For I've Gotta Run, she had just one face and the song was sooo good and perfect to act out.  It was as if she did not understand the song.  Her eyes were blank.  It could have been her shining moment as an actress.  I would have asked her to act the song out without music, as if she has the lyrics as her lines and do it and front of the mirror to see.  If she would nail it without singing, I would have her remember the emotions while delivering the lines and do it when it's time to sing.  Again, she aced the notes and all, but this is theater.  We need actors who can sing, not singers who can act.

I would have to give my two four thumbs up to Baus Rufo.  First, whoever thought of giving him In Short was brilliant.  He was such a treat, that you would love to see him up on stage again.  He is also good even if you tone down the rainbow factor.  Although, I would love to see him play the role of straight guy.  I sure hope he'd be able to pull it off without a hint of pink.

All in all, it was a good show.  It may be just a bunch of songs but it didn't even feel like a concert.  A collection of songs that tells a story in little stories.  I'm sooo glad I was able to see this production.  BlueRep did a very good job in this one and I can't wait to see more!

Well, I don't need to wait any longer.. because tonight, Ateneo BlueRep would be staging Freakshow!

This September, the Ateneo BlueREPERTORY presents “Freakshow.” Set during the 1930s, the story follows a pair of conjoined twin sisters in their rise to fame, from being discovered in the circus by the men who will turn out to be their own lovers, to becoming the stars of the Vaudevillian stage. At first the twins rejoice upon fulfilling their dreams, only to realize in the end that they must accept themselves for who they are for them to be truly happy.

“Freakshow” will be staged in the Rizal Mini Theater in the Ateneo de Manila University, directed by Christopher De Venecia and assistant director Bibo Reyes. It features musical direction by Cassie Manalastas and Joanne Lim, choreography by Kyla Rivera, set design by Mon Sebial, and lighting design by Tina Barayoga and Dupsy Rillo.

Show dates are on September 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, and 26. For ticket inquiries, please contact Patrick Cocabo at 09178824343.

More pictures of EDGES here.

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  1. I've seen something from them like 10 years ago. These guys can really rock it and entertaining, if I must say. :P

  2. i know this is really really late, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) i will be staging my thesis production next week and reading this reminded me of the reason i'm doing theatre and why this is what i would want to do for as long as i can. thank you :D