Fashionable Scrubs

Scrub suits are generally not fashionable.  Well, it wasn't necessarily made to make you pretty in the first place, so why bother right?  But how come these ladies seem to pull them off? (Images found in Google Images Search)

Scrubs for women doesn't really seem any different from the scrubs of men.  Hah!  But they all seem to look really good.  I bet I would be like a sack of potatoes.. even if it were green scrubs.  ;)

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  1. I read in an interview with the GA cast that the scrubs they wear in Grey's Anatomy and other TV shows are all made to suit their bodies and not the regulation scrubs that Drs. and nurses wear. They also have a bit of stretch in them to give it shape so they look good on TV.

  2. i like printed scrubs.

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  4. I figure the scrubs they wear on tv are altered to give them shape. No one looks that good in real scrubs. :)

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  5. Don't sell yourself short, if you feel great I know you'll look great even if you wear a generic scrub suit. :)

    BTW, just followed your blog.