mapua tekno teatro's finest: very much indeed

for 2009, mapua tekno teatro's major production is a twin bill, which showcases their finest original plays.

looking forward to see original productions, i am so thrilled and excited to see this one.  one, because these are original productions and two, i am (yes, in the present tense) a part of mapua tekno teatro (being a member of the BOD on LOA).

it was a bummer that the original plan for this year's major production got stumped, but i was glad to know that they did not get disheartened and still followed our passion and love for theater.

mapua tekno teatro (mt2) showcased the winners of "best playwright" during their annual drama fest: "tatlong persona" (2007) and "pepe, paano ka?" (2008).

"Tatlong Persona"

having a drama fest was a dream come true for the all tenured members of the organization.  i was supposed to be a part of the first feast, but due to some issues, which i'm not really sure what, it did not push through.  it's a wonderful feat that mapua's new breed of thespians, well at least after a number of waves after us, were able to make it happen.  and now, the original plays are being showcased as their major production!


the first to run was "tatlong persona" by patrick joseph campita.  i was not able to see the original staging of this play during the 2007 mt2 drama fest, thus, i would not be able to compare it.  but i have read the original script.  unfortunately, i wasn't able to finish it.  i would have to admit, that by just reading it, you'd either get confused or bored.  this is about the three personalities of a schizophrenic writer, which i didn't know at that time that i was reading it, so, i was baffled and got tired.  so, i would have to say that marco viaña is very brave to have directed it.

striped people

"tatlong persona" is the type of play wherein you would be able to do a lot of stuff as a director.  and marco did not hold back.  i really love his interpretation of this play.

at the beginning of the show though, they were already able to convey what the story is about.  so, what i really watched out for is the talent.  and God, mapua tekno teatro has it!

Cedree Wheeler as Jay

being staged in the audio visual room of mapua, i know how limited the set would be.  actually their production set embodied, "less is more".  the characters actually is a full course meal, and they barely need much production design, or else you would vomit.

so, back to the talents:

Chrish Miranda as Danilo

  • orlando abaday - sylfaen/hari - orly, once again, did not disappoint me.  he is a good stage actor. although, i can't take it off my mind that he's gay even during his role as "hari".  maybe because i know him personally.  but still, although i'm not sure, there was a moment that i forgot.  regardless, he's still scary, during the "hari" part i mean.
  • pauline batac - nasha - this girl can move.  i'm not sure if she would be able to have a role that doesn't require much movement, but for this one, i think it's the correct casting.  
  • the sylfaens - very good, but there was a part wherein they had a trouble with the lines.  it's chorus and i know it's hard.  so, still practice.  together.
  • the striped characters - i love all of them.  i loved leih winona gonzales (nikita), the least, who has adorable at first but when given the moment, she didn't quite made the most out of it.  i loved, angeli-kathryn jalla (madoka) the most.  she exuded the correct reactions.  i love all of them actually.  great job!
  • cedree wheeler - jay - his make-up could be a hindrance to show his reactions, but he managed to let it show! it's good to see him given such a role.
  • alsus adiaton - judas - he never went out of character and his character could be very exhausting!
the transition between scenes could be difficult for this script, but they were able to manage and it was in fact artistic in a sense.

i would also like to give a thumbs up to their musical score.  

"tatlong persona" is a very heavy play and mapua tekno teatro was able to carry it all too well..

"Pepe, Paano Ka?"

"pepe, paano ka?" followed after a few minutes of changing sets.

this one is relatively new to me.  since kiki, the director, is a very dear friend of mine, i was able to get a few points as to what the play is about and a few hints as to how she would have it presented on stage.

the choice of intermission music/songs would be able to set the mood of the audience coming from a very serious one to something that's lighter.

you better be far when Annie throws a fit

the play shows a day in the life of a third grade public school student, who was wondering what or how life should be in the pursuit of fulfilling what jose rizal said, "ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan" and how people around him, both young and old contribute to the fulfillment of this belief.

having these college students act as 9-year-olds on stage could be a little tricky, but i believe, kiki taught them well.

  • maria angelica buri - annie - her character reminded me a lot of myself, specially during her sudden burst of anger. angie is one of mt2's gems and like orly, she did not let me down.  
Toni and Annie
  • ely jezreel dameg - onit - being the de facto character, has a big weight upon his shoulders and needs to keep his energy high, or the character, the story, won't work.  and he was great!  although, his energy drops down a little when he sings.  he has a good voice, so, i was wondering what seems to be the problem.  then, at one point i saw him watching his comical back-up dancers.  
  • teachers - all of them have wonderful characters, amazing and great! 
  • michael figueras - emong - mico did a great job in giving life to the character.  there were scenes in the play wherein you will find yourself watching him instead of what was really going on in the scene! 
"Yes, ma'am!"
  • the rest of the class - they were able to absorb their characters and in every bit of their movement and expression and reaction, they were not leaving the character!  very good!
  • francis allan de dios - pepe - i would have to commend this guy.  in theater, there are no small roles, only small actors.  he doesn't have lines.  he needs to listen and react.  and he did not falter in doing so.
okay, obviously, i don't want to name everyone, because believe me, the whole cast was great.  so, here's my favorite scenes:

"When I grow up, I want to be.. Darna!"

  • the mark and annie fight scene, the slow motion part to be exact - they aced it! very well done!
  • the background scenes - although there was really something going on, the students behind the actual scene are having a scene of their own, but still in character and without over powering what the audience need to be really watching.  amazing, right?
"pepe, pano ka?" is filled with anecdotes of a third-grader's school life.  that you can't help but laugh because of its reality.  but of course, mctyrone sapulmo, did not just fill his story with his funny antics.  at the conclusion of the play, he will make you think on what you could contribute in honing this nation's hope for a better future.

future engineer

it was good way to end the whole ensemble.  the audience, like myself, left the AV room fully entertained.

 Jethro, Faith, Kiki, me and Cedree

i am sooo proud of my theater org.  and stuff like this ignites my passion for theater and the arts..  haaay, when will i perform on stage again? 

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    2. hi catcat! mico played the role sooo well, that i can't miss the chance of having a picture taken with him..

      i bet you and noel enjoyed the play! Ü

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