from santa 2009: exchange gift

"from santa" posts features the gifts i received, bought for myself and gave others during this season.  although, i never did believe in santa, even as a kid.

i really believe that i'm jinxed.  i never win lotteries, raffles, or anything else that takes chance.  for raffles that everyone would be picked, i would get a lousy item.

i could still remember during my pre-school days, during Christmas parties, our pre-school teacher would just ask us to bring a gift and then, she would write a number on the gift we brought, and everyone would pick a number out of a basket and he/she would get the gift with the corresponding number.  even then, i would get something that i don't really like or a figurine or a photo album.

still, even though i am such a grinch, i would still bring or give a decent gift.  sometimes, something that i really like for myself.

i don't think this is the first time, but it's very rare that i receive a gift that i actually like.  and this year, it's one of those rare chances!

for our Christmas exchange gift at the office, we give out a wish list.  same as last year, i wished for silver accessories, for this year i prefer bracelets, and i also added other stuff: mostly stuff i found being sold in multiply sites.

and here's what i got:

i'm sooo happy and delighted!  i got my wish!  a cute silver bracelet.. and a bag that i really really like..  and it's red!  i sooo love red!  okay, the bag was meant to be a birthday present that was not given on time.  but still, when i learned that those stuff are for me i was sooo happy! weee!

thanks, ros! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to pick me again next year.. hehehehe!

hope you got what you wanted this year!  happy holidays everyone! 

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  1. hi ros, thanks for dropping by and again thanks for the gifts! merry Christmas! Ü