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pictures used in this blog site is owned by yours truly.. of course, unless stated otherwise.

most of the pictures that i am using in my blog entries are pictures taken by tin using her canon eos 1000d or her sony ericsson w595.  you would know if it's from her if it has this watermark, that some of you may have already observed.

and during certain occasions wherein i would take a picture using my sony ericsson w995, instead of posing for one, and i would be putting it on this site, i would be adding this newly created tag.

if neither of us took the picture, i would let you know the source, if i got it from the web (unless the picture has its own watermark of the website) or the one who took the picture, if it's one of my friends.   websites are obviously screen captures.  and most videos are found in youtube, as i have mentioned in those entries.

okay, i'm not really a copyright whiz.  i just wanted to show you the watermarks i created for this blog site's pictures.  i'm not an adobe photoshop expert as well, so, this is already considered as an achievement for me.  unfortunately, i'm too lazy to edit all the previously uploaded pictures here.

let me know what you think of the product of my blood and sweat.. hehehehe!

by the way, both pictures were taken in bohol.

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