the yakimix experience

we decided to try out Yakimix in tomas morato.  this is my first time to dine there.  since I work at night, my usual dining would be for lunch.  we were already sooo hungry and tired after work but we don't regret one bit of going there!

from the outside you could already see that it's an eat-all-you-can restaurant.  but we didn't think it was also available for lunch.  the waiter was kind enough to assist us and orient us on what the set up is.  their lunch promo of eat all you can and drink all you can is only for Php 499!

we grabbed our plates and went to the buffet area and had a feast!  the food was well presented, that even if a lot of people are already eating it didn't seem that it was too late for us to have lunch.  they refill the food on the table as quickly as possible and we were so lucky that the shrimp tempura is just being served! yum! of course i took as much as i know i could devour since there is a leftover fee, which costs Php 200 more than what you pay for to eat and drink all you can.

i think they have all types of maki there!  of course, i got a few makis for me too.  i could no longer remember what you call them, but i took the ones with shrimp and crab and looks cooked than others.  i got some chicken teriyaki and their mushroom dish, which is sooo delish!  and i could still taste the chicken-ness of the the chicken teriyaki.  everything was so scrumptious!

since, we both love eating and we don't want to waste eat-all-you-can feat, and we both know how much japanese cuisine costs on your typical restaurant we went back to the buffet table for our second helping.  i opted to try the deserts.  their desserts are simple but not disappointing.  besides, i don't think you would go there just to eat a bunch of sweets.

they also have raw food there, which you can grill smokeless-ly in your table.  but since we were both famished already, we opted for the cooked already food.  but we promise to give it a shot the next time we go there.

we had a lot of fun filling our stomachs and we could really call it a feast.. looking forward to next!

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  1. thanks for leaving a comment at my entry :D

    the price a few mos back pala is cheaper :D
    glad you enjoyed the food the same way i do and i heard service at their morato branch is a lot better...

  2. i'm not sure exactly when, but they changed rates just last March or May.. i also have no problems with their service, but as you said in your blog, things could really get crazy in places like that.