from santa 2009: bazaars

"from santa" posts features the gifts i received, bought for myself and gave others during this season.  although, i never did believe in santa, even as a kid.

one of the very few things i enjoy during this season is the numerous bazaars that come out here and there.  here are my buys for this year's bazaar all over the metro..


hobo bag from TOTEyalera
dangling earrings from Papo Kase
silver charm bracelet

joining bazaars is one way of promoting your products and websites.  i added them in as my business contacts in multiply.  most probably i would be buying from them again, and next time it would be online.


black and white dress for Php 1500
black and white party ring for Php 100

there are a lot of stall there.  the main reason why we went there because it advertised a lot of brands that would be having their sale there.  we were actually eying one brand in particular to have a sale on their camera bags.  

one of the Christmas parties that we needed to attend to has a black and white theme.  i still didn't know what to wear at that time and it was sort of a short notice.  it was a good thing though that i found these items on the bazaar.  i know i looked fabulous that night.. hehehehe! Ü


chic wallet for Php 150
Princess Bands (Crystal Headbands) for Php 160 each
complete Maskman DVDs for Php 100 each
complete Anime series DVDs for Php 100 each

the advertisement for this bazaar was for toy enthusiasts.  but it was only for one hall, but there are still bazaars on the other halls, where i was able to buy the wallet and the headbands.  they actually cost more than what i wrote here.  i just haggled for a lower price and i no longer remember the real price.

there was a cosplay at the bazaar too.  there were a lot of collector-item toys there.  

we even had second thoughts of buying those dvds, people have been downloading a lot of anime series from the internet.  but then again, we don't think they would be able to find a download source for the Maskman series!  weee!  the other two dvds are my personal picks.. The Ouran High School Host Club and S.A (Special A) complete series.  the one assisting us, who i think is the owner, was very kind and accomodating and told us about their website and that we have a lifetime warranty for the dvds as long as they don't have scratch.  for more details check: or  You can also visit their shop at CSCENTRL (COMIC SALE CENTRAL) 2nd FLOOR, GREENBELT 1, MAKATI

oh, i will miss these bazaars after the holiday season is finished.. but of course, this would not stop me from shopping and looking for good buys!  so, how's your Christmas shopping?  i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did! happy holidays! 

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  1. Great finds you have here. It's true that bazaars are one way for online sellers to introduce and advertise their sites. I hope you can add me as business contact too, I have an accessories shop aside from blogging. =) It's


  2. hi badet! i'm already one of your business contacts.. :p

  3. I super love your new stuff! Happy new year :)

  4. hi erika! thanks for dropping by! i'll be missing the bazaars all year round.. but i sure will get other new stuff all throughout the year.. heheheh! happy new year! Ü