from santa 2009: pj valenciano's palamuti

"from santa" posts features the gifts i received, bought for myself and gave others during this season. 

I first wrote about PJ's new hobby aside from surfing here.  And she decided to create more accessories and calls it "Palamuti".  Then now come in cute gold pouches.

I got first dibs on her creations and even before posting it on their web sites: (under construction) and

Aside from earrings she also started creating necklaces and bracelets.  Here are my picks:

this one's a bracelet

I still can't get away from earrings, and she made a whole lot this time.

One great thing about her creations is that I would be the only one to have such design, or at least it would be very rare that I would see someone else wearing the same exact piece.

You may go to their sites for more details on how to acquire these goodies. 

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