from santa 2009: US television series

"from santa" posts features the gifts i received, bought for myself and gave others during this season.  although, i never did believe in santa, even as a kid.

i'm not here to please everybody.  but i want to be honest.  i also don't want to sound like someone making up excuses.  most probably my reasons are just the same as yours, if you're guilty of the same thing, that is.  so, may it be because of the very huge price difference, or the comfort of no longer waiting for a week to know what's next, or avoiding re-runs, or that you work at night so you don't get to enjoy primetime tv, or you don't have cable and it's okay if you are a whole season/year late, it's fine by me.  i have the same reasons.

i have wished to have these for my birthday. so, after three months and no one else gave me these, i guess, it was time to buy them for myself.

and poof!  now, i think i have a whole lot to last me a year or until i crave for the next batch of goodies.

House complete seasons 1 - 4 - I almost finished watching season five episodes when i got hold of these.  but even before that, i got addicted to house. i guess i'll write more about the series on a different post.  when i finish all five seasons.

Heroes complete seasons 1 - 3 - this was first introduced to me by my housemates from makati.  i think i already bought the complete season two before.  they have the complete season one.  since i'm not sure where they are right now, specially after typhoon ondoy, i bought the complete three seasons.

Will & Grace complete seasons 1 - 4 - i know it's not just up to four seasons, but the store doesn't have seasons five and seven, so, i just opted to buy the first four.  i sooo love this series and i have been laughing since the first episode i saw back in high school.  i know, i'd still enjoy them this time around.

Gossip Girl complete season 2 - i have seen the complete season one and some of the season two episodes but it's not complete.  i would want to see what happens to the teens of the upper east side. xoxo

Grey's Anatomy complete season 5 - beng was the one who first mentioned this series to me.  again, my makati housemates were responsible for making me addicted to it. hehehehe! now, i can continue this addiction.

Desperate Housewives complete season 5 and season 6 - i should have bought season four.  but it's okay.  i can get it some other time.

that's a total of 15 dvds.  whew! when do you think i'd finish all these? hehehehe!

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  1. I enjoyed watching House but I'm not a medicine person so I don't really love it. But I love Grey's. LOL I already gave up on Heroes and I've never watched Will and Grace. I follow Gossip Girl, like as in follow. And I miss Desperate Housewives! I stopped with Season 4 I think.

  2. hi erika! thanks for dropping by.. Ü i'm not a medical person either, but i still love the series.. i was about to give up on Heroes too, but i'd give it one last shot this time. you should try Will and Grace for laughs! :p