My ZALORA Wishlist

Even if I find it difficult to shop for things that would need fitting online, I can't help but covet these great shoe finds on Zalora.

Generally, I love shopping.  It's my favorite sport.  (Ha!)  However, I do have hesitations in terms of shopping for shoes and clothes online due to the absence of being able to do some "fitting".  With Zalora at my fingertips, I'm kind of having second thoughts.

I'm currently on a bag diet, so, I veered myself away from the accessories section.  I also still have major issues in terms of buying clothes online since I don't have any confidence in terms of the size that would fit me.  And that leaves me a to another haven: SHOES!

I'm gaining confidence in my shoe size, which aids in making me click on that button and go shoe shopping online.  So, here's my wishlist and why I should just have to have them!  (in no particular order)

1. Wade's Plain Platform Pumps in Gray - I gotta have this pair since sadly, as much as I hate to admit and be a disgrace to the family, I don't own a pair of platform pumps yet.  And it's high time to get one.  Also, I trust the brand and this design is such a classic.

2. Centropelle's Casual Boots in Black  - summer can be declared over and I already need a pair.  My last pair of boots are already broken and is beyond repair, so, it's time to have a new one, and my eyes are set on this one.  Classic design, but still chic, and I'll be able to pair this with a lot of my clothes.

3. Wade's Peep Toe Stilettos in White - I love the detail in this shoe and I could wear this with a dress or even my jeans!  My feet will look lovely in this, so, this gotta be mine!

4.  Centropelle's Casual Step-In - I love flip-flops!  I have about 5 pairs.  However as much as I love them, there are days wherein wearing flip-flops are too casual.  The perfect solution would be this pair of sandals.  The tear drop diagonal strap will keep my feet from looking too wide.  I can keep being casual and still have a hint or two of being sophisticated.

5.  Native's Hot Sauce Red Jefferson Shoes - when I first spotted this in the mall, I silently screamed "I want one!"  and believe it or not, it got me inspired.  Creative juices started to flow!  I can't wait to get my hands on this pair and explore the creative possibilities of all those holes! Of course, the cool design on its own is already a steal and the comfort that it would provide.  No one can tell what I will come up with after this gets delivered to my doorstep.

I'm wishing on that Zalora star tonight to get these fabulous finds!  Fingers crossed!

What do you think?  Have a good day everyone!

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