My Jagged Take on VLF8

Last June 27 to July 8, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, together with the Writer's Bloc Inc. and Tanghalang Pilipino staged the "untried, untested and unstaged plays" for the 8th time.  The Virgin Lab Fest 8 also pays homage to Mario O'Hara and Tony Espejo. 

I'm so glad that I'm able to join this year's festivities, unlike last year, when I totally missed the whole event.  Two years ago, VLF 6, I reviewed all the sets and plays I've seen, however, this year,  I'll keep it simple and concise by naming my favorites and not so favorites.

Plays in Set E: Revisited are no longer considered here.  However, I must say, I'm so glad that I was still able to see them.  Also, I missed seeing "Ang Unang Regla ni John", so, they're not considered here as well.  Thank God they are included in next year's Revisited Set!

My Favorite VLF8 Actors:  Jelson Bay in Symposium (Set A); Dante Balois in Pagsubli (Set A); Bong Cabrera in Alejandro (Set C); Alon Severino in Totong Hilot (Set D)

My Not So Favorite VLF8 Actor: Franco Laurel in Isa Pang Soap Opera (Set B); Ralph Mateo in Alejandro (Set C)

My Favorite VLF8 Actresses: Ness Roque in Digital Divide (Set A); Sherry Lara in Isa Pang Soap Opera (Set B)

My Not So Favorite VLF8 Directors: Andoy Ranay for Digital Divide (Set A)

My Favorite VLF8 Directors: JK Anicoche for Symposium (Set A); Melvin Lee for Pagsubli (Set A)

My Not So Favorite VLF8 Playwrights: Dingdong Novenario for Digital Divide (Set A)

My Favorite VLF8 Playwrights: U Eliserio and Maynard Manansala for Symposium (Set A); Reuel Molina Aguila for Isa Pang Soap Opera (Set B); Mar Anthony Dela Cruz for Hayop (Set B); Mixkaela Villalon for High Stakes (Set C)

My Super Favorite of All in Virgin Lab Fest 8 is Set C's Mga Kuneho!  I love all the actors: Chrome Cosio, Marco Viana, Paul Jake Paule, Fitz Edward Bitana and Anthony Falcon.  I love the director, Emmanuel dela Cruz and of course, the playwright, Guelan Luarca.  Very much deserved to be revisited next year! 

I sure hope you were able to see the VLF8 plays and let me know your favorites and not so favorites in the comments!  Otherwise, I wish that we can all be able to join the festivities next year for the the 9th round of virgins! 
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