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It has been almost a month since my last post here.  I miss blogging sooo much.  Unfortunately, my body could just take as much.  No regrets.  I was living!

As you could have read in my previous posts, I enrolled to attend PETA's Creative Musical Theater Summer Workshop.  The classes are from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays, which eventually turned to 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM to be able to make up for the lost days (there were no classes during the election day).  And don't forget I still need to go to work afterwards. 


I miss theater very much.  It has been more or less three years since I had my last theater production and it sort of made my confidence level in theater arts went down.  Having theater classes again is the right thing to do to get my groove back.  Being a theater artist is a dream I almost gave up and let go of.  Although, I'm still not pursuing it right now 100% of the time, it's still good to be able to feel the rush and know that your dreams are still within reach. 

It was nice to get to know more kindred spirits.  We were 30 in the class and the passion for theater is just contagious and overwhelming.  And having a facilitator as amazing and renowned as Vincent de Jesus, we were just sooo privileged.  It was great to have talented classmates and even more talented teachers.

Most of the days, I was excited to start my day by going to the PETA theater and learn something new about the craft that is so close to my heart.  Then, the day for our recital was coming closer and closer, thus we would need to start working hard towards that goal. 

We got our inspiration from Snoopy The Musical.  We have used it as our framework to create original music and lyrics for our recital.  I belong to the writers pool and we would need to write the lyrics as fast but as creative as possible.  We were scheduled to go to Anawangin during one of the weekends within the workshop, so, while at the beach we were writing our songs!  Nice inspiration indeed!

The day of the recital came (May 15, Saturday) and we were all pumped up to do our best!  I was glad to feel the adrenaline rush once again.. this is the best part of performing for me.  The rush!  The excitement!  Weeee! And this is something I will never exchange for and forget about in my entire life..

I love theater.. I love the stage.. I love my PETA mentors.. I love my CMT classmates.. This is one summer I would never forget.. :p

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  1. loveeeettt!!! miss na miss ko na ang CMT! classmates, facilitators, activies, charantia moments... GT MOMENTS! waaaaah!!! pero iba na yung pagkangarag ko ngayon sa ibang bigay! sadyain natin ang pag GT after ng Dramafest

  2. waaaah! xc can't wait for that GT moment!