America Should Vote for Crystal Bowersox

I just caught the last performance night of this season's American Idol.  And I'm rooting for Crystal Bowersox!

Again, I was unable to watch AI as much as I wanted to, but the last two episodes would be the ones I would need a very grave reason to miss.  And sleeping, would no longer be acceptable..

I didn't get to really pick a favorite for this season.  The ones that came close were Lacey Brown, but she was the first one to go in the Top 12, and Casey James, but it seemed that he was everyone's favorite already, I didn't want to add.  Although, I have really nothing against Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox.  I also think they deserver to be in the Top 2.

During last night's show, I could feel and see how nervous Lee is.  And Simon noticed that too.  It seemed to me that he was taken aback by the number of people watching him there as he performs.  This affected his performance greatly.  Most of the time, nerves do me good in performances, but this one, the one that Lee had was the one who took away his shine.

On the other hand, Crystal brought it on!  She was on fire!  Amazing performance! 

It was a little funny that she dropped her microphone while walking to the stage and clapping the hands of the fans, and that she was asked to go back to do the walk again.. Heheheh!  Well, makes you believe that it really was a live show.

I love her confidence and how much she seem to be really aiming for the win.  Casey lacked that and for Lee, it seems that being on the Top 2 is just starting to sink in. 

I was surprised that there are two Final Songs, unlike last year.  Here are my theories, one, because the finalists are of different sexes, but I should think that should never be the case and two, because of what happened last year.  Despite the fact that Adam Lambert sang the final song flawlessly, Kris Allen still won, even if he didn't actually nail the song during the performance night. 

I love both songs!  Lee's song, because of the music and lyrics and Crystal's song, because of her interpretation last night.

So, see, all arrows point to Crystal in being the next American Idol!  However, again, lesson learned from last year, the greatest one would not necessarily be declared the winner.  I wonder who will America vote for..

Another reason why this season is special, I have blogged about it as soon as I heard the news, is this is Simon Cowell's last.  And everyone could not ignore this fact.  I was always almost in tears whenever they mention it.  American Idol will never be the same again.  Those he was able to critique are very lucky!  Too bad, not really everyone listened.  Just like his last comment, his stay in AI is "outstanding"!

The show ended with this season's tribute song sang live with video clips of the past season.. again, yours truly was almost in tears. 

I can't wait for the results tonight!  I can't wait for the special numbers and the awards, the party, the fun!  Weee!

Who do you think would be the next American Idol?  Are you on Team Bowersox?  Or Team Dewyze?  Did you cast your vote?  Weeee! Can't wait!
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