Trinoma Green Light Sale Buys

I heart shopping!  It's my favorite sport.. Thus, when I heard about the Trinoma Green Light Sale, I did not miss the opportunity of a good buy.

Every pay day, I want to give myself a gift, for the hard work I have done in the past 15 days.  This time, I splurged on shoes!

Since last year I have been looking for a replacement for my brown leather shoes.  The old one got broken and after a couple of trips to the shoe repair shop, it totally gave up.  I love those shoes sooo much that I didn't want to let it go, hence the effort to have them repaired.  Due to the high standards that this pair has set, it was hard for me to find a replacement.

But this time around I was determined to get a pair.  One that I would really like.  After about 2 hours of going through all the shoes in the Landmark Department Store in Trinoma, I spotted 4 pairs that I like and fits my budget.  Wait, I didn't get to buy all four.  They were just my choices, but I got to buy two out of those four pairs that I wanted.  Weeeee!  All thanks to the cut down in prices.

I also wanted to avail of the sale promotion of Trinoma, wherein for every 1,000 Php single purchase receipt that you present, you are entitled to their raffle and get a free Jansport journal.  It's a good thing that Landmark is included.  It would be easier to meet that 1,000-peso goal since you have almost everything you need inside a department store.

Here's my new pair of brown shoes:

It's from LeDonne.  It was originally priced at more than 1,000 Php.  I thought it was cut down to about 800 Php.  So, I would already be meeting the goal of 1,000 Php.  But while the sales lady was getting the pair for my size, we saw that there was another pair, of the same shoe design, but it was tagged to be only at 399 Php!  And it really was the new price!  I was still behind the goal.  But I have a solution:

I got this pair too!  This one is from Tiffany.  And it's only for 370 Php!

Both shoes fit me perfectly!   It's funny that one is sized 9 and the other is sized 7.  Hehehehehe!  They are both comfortable shoes.  So, they really just lowered down the price, not the quality.

I'm sooo happy about my buys and can't wait to use them soon! These pairs are so worth the long line at the cashier and the multitude of people at the mall!

I also bought my supply of sanitary napkin for this month, underarm protection and Maybelline's Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss.  I got the 04 Creamy Guava variant.

I got the free Jansport Planner.  It doesn't have the dates printed, thus it's perfect even if it's already almost at the middle of the year.

I'm sooo glad about my buys!  I can't wait to use them soon! :p .. and I can't wait for the next sale.  Heheheheh!

Have you gone to any sales recently?  What are your buys? Please do share and comment away!

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  1. I like the black one! :) it's been ages since I've been to Trinoma. I wish I was there too :(

  2. i loved the black one first.. but i was determined to buy a pair of brown shoes first before going back to that one. hehehe! now the sale's over, there would be less people there, it's actually a better time to visit trinoma again. thanks for dropping by!

  3. I miss Trinoma! You know I live in Makati but for some odd reason I find the things I need when I am at Trinoma. The last time I was there (and this was last year) I was able to buy books, make-up kits and toys as emergency gifts.

  4. hi mclaren, thanks for dropping by.. wow! that was a shopping spree! i'm sure you would have enjoyded the sale.. maybe next time! ;)

  5. wow! you have scored lots of good stuff! sayang lang ang layo ko dun eh :(

  6. hi marice, thanks for going here! well, i know the feeling when it's sale on other malls that are far away from me.. :( that's why i take advantage of the sales in the malls i can easily access.. ;)