American Idol Season 9: Simon Cowell's Last

waaaah!  I'm sooo excited for this year's Americal Idol to start.  I am such a fan!  Okay, not as much as other people out there, but I sooo love this reality show and i almost always blog about it.  Aside from the usual thrill that this show gives me, I am very much looking forward to watch Ellen DeGeneres be one of the judges!  But that news was last year.  A few minutes ago, I read from Oh No They Didn't that this would be Simon Cowell's last year of being a judge on the said reality show!  I'm almost in tears!

Unlike most of other televiewers, I like Simon.  He may be regarded as rude, but most of time his advice are those that make sense.  And if I am one of the contestants, I would be paying extra attention on what he has to say about my performance.

I am still happy that Ellen would be part of the show, but I guess, I'm equally sad that Simon would be going.  I sure could not afford to miss watching this season. 

I hope this would not be a reason for Simon to be tame, he now has all the more reason to be fierce!  I wonder if his new show would be as good as Idol.

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  1. "See what happens when you don't vote!"
    ~Simon Cowell/ Vinnie

  2. as a musician, i like simon cowell...
    i'll miss him!


  3. @kiki: bwahahahahah! i miss those moments! Ü
    @noel: let's all enjoy this season! Ü i started watching last night..