a surprise for hubby

a friend of mine is getting married soon!  and we are all sooo happy for her.  this weekend would be her bridal shower.  pathetic lil me, this would be the first time i would be attending such event.  so, the only thing i know about it are the ones i saw on tv and the movies.  but i sure i guess i won't be too far behind.

one thing i was really thinking about was the gift for the bride.  as i have seen in movies and tv, most of the gifts are naughty and kinky.  stuff that the bride would be using on their honeymoon.  and since i always want to go out of the norm, this is not an option.

so, i was thinking of something that the soon-to-be wife would be needing. 

one of the first few things that popped in my head was kitchenware, but that's beyond my budget.  so, i thought of bringing the level down a bit, and flatware came into my mind.   and then, i want to slap myself.. hello!  those are the type of gifts that they would be getting on the wedding!!  well, at least i don't need to think of what to give them for that occassion since i found these cute and amazing dinnerware.

as i was browsing Yahoo! Food an idea came popping in my head!  thus, i found the gift i want to give her.. something that she could and would be using during her life as a wife, and after a couple of years a mom. 

i wrote in the card:

use this to surprise your hubby!

yes, as corny at it may sound, i bought her two recipe books! not as "fun" as lingerie, this would sure be unique!  hehehehe! 

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  1. As they said, a sure way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Very practical and useful gift. =)

  2. hi badet! thanks for boosting my confidence with this gift.. it was supposed to be just for laughs and going against the norm.. LOL! thanks again! Ü

  3. pangwedding na yan eh! kru kru kru kru kru... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! kelangan natin ng lalake!!! :)):)):))

  4. wedding gifts are for the couple.. this one is just for the bride, for her to use to surprise his husband, instead of just during the night after the wedding, she could surprise him of the dishes she could whip up almost every night! Ü

  5. that's a great gift, actually. every new wife is going to need it. :)

  6. hi moonchild117! my friend was very appreciative of the gift i gave her and told me she really needs it a lot.. Ü i'm so glad to have given it. thanks for dropping by!