new year: fresh do

i believe in the urban legend that you need to have your hair cut before the new year starts to get rid off of bad luck.  so, before 12:00 AM of January 1, 2010 strikes, i head of to the salon and had my hair done.

saying goodbye to 2009

i have been so bad to my hair.  the last time it had pampering was back in October 2008.  this is when i decided to give going straight, relax and or rebond a rest and follow what my hair really is, naturally curly.  unfortunately, years of trying to make it straight got stuck at the tips of my hair and i had trouble making it look nice and curly.  so, after about 14 months, my hair looks like the picture above and here:

for 2010, i still want to be curly.  but this time i could have it trimmed to remove the straight part.  so, off to the salon!

we went to Acqua Salon in Trinoma to have our hair done.  my stylist was Ms. Laila Ramoran.  it's our first time there so, they had us sign index cards and fill out information.

although, it was already in the afternoon and they would be closing earlier than usual due to the holidays, we didn't wait long.  sadly, because of this i can't have my nails done at the same time because they are short on manpower.

first ms. lai cut my hair to remove the damaged part.  i had it layered so that it would be shaped "V" at the back.  i think this was too short, but it's okay, it would grow anyway.

then it was time for the curlers!  because of my thick hair and they are doing this very finely, it felt that my head was sooo heavy!  my neck was aching already.  and i had it on for a couple of hours!  well, no pain, no gain.. as ate faith puts it, pain is nothing, beauty is everything! LOL!

after a looong time (i didn't get to time it), at long last, the curlers would be removed!  at i am nothing but happy with the results!  this, i think is better than the first time i had my hair curled.  i got the telephone cord curls i wanted sooo bad!

i availed of Acqua Salon's package of cut, curl and cellophane for only Php 3700.  i had my hair colored dark brown.  something that you would only see if there's enough light.  which is very fine by me.

of course, the curls did not stay exactly that way, but ms. lai and the Acqua salon team made a pretty good job that even after a couple of days, my hair still has that Goldilocky hair that i wanted.  and these should last the whole year round. Ü

Acqua Salon
2024-A Level M2
Mindanao Wing, TriNoma

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  1. wow, u look great!

    happy new year!

  2. @kiki: apir! can't wait to see your new look.. in person! Ü

    @yuuki: thanks! happy new year! did you have a change of look this new year?

  3. gusto ko yan sis. now i'm decided i really want to be kulot! Ü

  4. I'm glad that some people had such a good experience with Acqua Salon, but sadly, I can't say the same for myself. It was just OUTRIGHT DESPICABLE. First, I had to call several times for several weeks to get an appointment with Mr. Narry Naraja, the stylist that I really came to this salon for. The moment I stepped inside, the snobby receptionist, looking down at me with a really haughty expression, forced another stylist on me (the most inexperienced one, according to their own pamphlet). After all the trouble I went through to secure an appointment with Mr. Naraja! And the worse part? Narry Naraja was JUST SITTING ON A CORNER. Yes, he was obviously available in the two hours I stayed there. Second, the stylist, Jun, wouldn't even ask me what I wanted or at least tell me what the hell he was planning to do with my hair. He only criticized it, offered a pricey treatment, then snipped away. Third, the cut was so-so and definitely not what I wanted. I was treated like an intrusive beggar who couldn't pay. I may only be sixteen, but I'm a customer. I don't deserve that kind of treatment. I don't care how affordable this salon is. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ACQUA SALON.

    1. That's so sad. Actually, I was unable to go back since this post. I get all my salon services from Interlook now. You can check my NOTD posts for more details. :)