Shopping for Red Footwear

Believing that having a pair of red flats is a must, I have been in search for red flats since the last one I had was old and worn out.

Also, my favorite pair of flip-flops are Dupé. And I was saddened by the fact that for the past two years or so, whenever I ask for their place in the SM Department store, they would say that they don't carry the brand anymore.

However, a couple or so weeks ago, my search and dismay came to an end!

I'm so glad that Dupé is back in SM Department Stores, at least in North Edsa. However, most often than not, they carry the brands in all their department stores.

This particular pair was only about for Php 350.00. I'm not too much of a fan of printed flip-flops, especially those whose designs or prints would be covered by your feet anyway when you wear it. So, I usually go with plain ones. However, the current racks don't have the color or shade that I liked, so I checked out the printed ones. In fairness, there were a number of designs that I liked. However, not all had the right fit. Thank God, that there was a size in this design that fitted me just right!

Aside from getting flip-flops that day, I was hoping to get a good pair of red flats in the department store that day. However, I wasn't able to find a plain one or one that's within my budget. So, I gave up and we left the department store with only a pair of flip-flops.

We went to The Block's Hypermarket to get some groceries. And much to my surprise, they have a shoe section! Out of curiosity, I checked it out and there was this plain red flats! And it was only for about Php 300.00!

I have used both pairs more than twice already. The Dupé flip-flops, as I have expected, are as comfortable as ever and the red flats are feet friendly as well. I'm not actually expecting for the flats to last that long, but so far, it's holding up and still looks good without making my feet cry of pain. It may get worn out or broken during the first quarter of next year, but by then, I would have regarded to have gotten my money's worth.

Obviously, I'm happy with my latest footwear shopping and even my budget is smiling with me. So, what do you think about them? And what's the latest footwear or shoes that you bought? Let me know in your comments!

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  2. The flats really was a nice surprise, Albert. Nothing that I would have expected. Thanks!

    It's very rare that I receive comments about my writing. Thanks, Ajay! I really appreciate it!

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