Navigating Negros by the Palate

I have started sharing with you our trip to Bacolod and nearby cities with something yummy.  And I guess the best way to cap it off is with a lot of yummy!
On our way back to Bacolod City from Whispering Palms, we stopped about midway and get off the bus to have lunch at La Vista Highlands.

As you can see in the photo above, we eat a lot!  We ordered for Crispy Pata, Pancit Bihon and Negros' version of Bulalo, Cansi.  It was good to be able to taste authentic Cansi and I of course enjoyed eating around the bone.  However, I seem to enjoy Tagaytay Bulalo more.

A little set back also, was that to get inside La Vista Highlands, you'd need to pay an entrance fee of Php 100.00.  It doesn't matter what you would be doing inside, but you need to pay the fee just to get through the gates.  And since we were hungry and in the middle of the road, in the mountains, we paid the price.  We sort of forgot about it when we got inside and most specially when the food was served.

But one great find in the Diwata Restaurant (in La Vista Highlands) was something we weren't able to find in the menu.  That's this lovely pitcher of lemonade!

Never saw so many add ins in a pitcher of lemonade before and it tastes great!  At least for me.  It was not sour than usual but not so sweet as well.  The leaves might drive you away.  It scared me a little at first, but couldn't stop when I was able to taste it.  We even ordered for another pitcher.

When we were on our way to San Carlos, Restie told us that the best peanuts are in San Carlos City.  Okay, I really was a skeptic and couldn't think of peanuts tasting any better.  Although, we still bought some, since I trust his taste.  And on the bus going back to Bacolod, I couldn't stop eating!

It looks smaller than the common peanuts and definitely tastier!  The locals brought us to the best and pioneer in processed fried garlic peanuts, ER's on Burgos St. in San Carlos City.  Another great thing about their peanuts, is that it's not greasy at all.  Well, of course it was cooked in oil, but you won't really feel and/or notice it.  And I love their small garlic chips.

Before we left for Manila, there's a couple more navigating our palates must do.

We were on the quest to eat some Batchoy before our flight, and the best in Bacolod is at Bar 21 Restaurant, right on Lacson St.

At first we thought, this wouldn't sustain us until we get to Manila, so, we still ordered a whole lot more.  But I was really full after consuming my Batchoy Special, which was really delectable!

We ordered for Batchoy partners.  Onion rings, that I loved the dip.  Cheese sticks, that seem to be made of three different cheeses or even more.  Scallops, since I love sea food.  Fish and chips, very delicious. And steak and mashed potatoes, this I'm not sure how we managed to go well with the Batchoy.  Hahahaha!  But still tasted good.

Bar 21 Restaurant seem to be a high end restaurant.  But we ended up splitting the bill and shelled out a little above Php 300.00 only. 

Even with full tummies, we just needed to make a pit stop before we go to the airport and get Bacolod's Roli's Napoleones at Loupe's.

I know Roli's Napoleones is available in SM Megamall and SM North Edsa, but some find the ones from Bacolod tastier.  I'm a little torn since it has been a long time since I bought some from the mall.  I just find it weird that the boxes in the mall looks better than those in Bacolod.  So, I guess the one's from Bacolod should taste better to make up for the box's design.  Hahaha!

So, there's our little vacation to the City of Smiles.  And hopefully, we would get to go back next year in time for the MassKara Festival.

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  1. All the food you guys ate look so yummy! :) I'm craving for batchoy and fish & chips now. And that pitcher of lemonade looks interesting.

  2. Yup, food always make me miss a place.. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Looks yummy.

    In response to your tweet: Yes, it's frustrating with Entrecard being down. Without Entrecard, my traffic is down too.


  4. Hi Joyce, I sure it gets fixed soon! Thanks for dropping by.. I "drop"-ed by your site still.. Hehehe! ;)

  5. ooooohhh! you were in Negros? that's my home province!

    truly, Foods in Negros are delish... miss ko na tuloy. just recently my father-in-law and some Czech friends were there and they immensely enjoyed the food. nagtanong bakit daw walang pinoy restaurant sa prague. hihi

  6. wow! you're so lucky daisy.. hmmm.. pinoys need to open up a restaurant in prague! hahahaha!