Have You Ever Been BONA?

When we first heard that the Philippine Educational Theater Association's (PETA) plan of staging the 1980 Lino Brocka movie, "Bona", my friends had a copy of the film and revelled in its story and the superb acting of Nora Aunor.  We then redefined "Bona" as the state of being like the character Bona in the film.  Not limited to the admiration of a fan to a celebrity, we related it more to the state of being so in love that we push the limits to the extreme however unrequited the love could be.  Similarly, just like Bona.  This is why during the Bona (The Play) Press Conference at the PETA Theater Center last August 14, I couldn't help but ask Eugene Domingo, who will play the role Bona and the director Soxie Topacio, if they have ever been Bona in their lives.  Na-Bona na po ba kayo?

I was unable to see the movie before the press conference.  Aside from the stories of my friends that have seen the film and a couple of scenes available in YouTube, I don't have in depth knowledge of the movie.  It tells the story of Bona, a fan of a stunt man, Gardo, that went to the extremes by serving the man.  Up to the point that she was literally like a slave, but wasn't hired and doesn't get paid. 

PETA's adaptation of this film explores the plot and staged it on a modern day setting.  Bona, in this stage production is a call center agent that adores Gino, played by Edgar Allan Guzman, who is a contestant of a talent search in channel 72, "Star of Tomorrow."  Incorporated with the elements of today, like Facebook, Twitter, and a whole lot more that were definitely unavailable 32 years ago, make the staging of Bona relatively different from the film. 

As Eugene Domingo pleads, let us not compare her with the Superstar.  Being able to preview 2 scenes from the play, it is but apt not to make comparisons.  Circumstances are only simillar, but the Bona of 1980 is definitely not the Bona of 2012.  Now, the fans of the film should definitely not be disheartened, because I believe that the whole essence of the film is captured in the entirety of this production.  Direk Soxie Topacio explained that your favorite scenes in the movie will not be staged in the same exact manner as you have seen in the big screen, but it would be staged in circumstances that would apply to modern times.  Layeta Bucoy, writer, teases our imagination when she said there will be no boiling water spilled over the stage, but the intensity of that scene would be interpreted in a manner that it was as if boiling water is being heavily poured. 

Expectations are definitely high, but proper perspective should be set.  I was able to see the movie after the day of the Press Con.  The play would definitely be different, and for me, this makes me more excited to see the show!  There definitely is no screen bigger than theater! 

This is something that you definitely shouldn't miss.  So, check this for screening dates and times and contact information.  See you at the theater! Opens August 24, 2012

And in case you're curious about their response to my question, Ms. Domingo said no, not yet, so far.. and Direk answered, a resounding yes, and still is.. Weee! *kilig*

For more photos, click here.
PETA's BONA Press Conference

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