A Very Personal Take On PETA's BONA

As I have mentioned on my previous post, "Bona" has a very different connotation for us.  We have applied it not only on a fan's admiration but more for the fanaticism brought by unrequited love.  The Philippine Educational Theater Association's (PETA) staging of BONA if not contributed, formed the wholeness of being BONA.. (ang pagiging Bona).

With the modern setting, it is very easy to relate to today's Bona (played by Ms. Eugene Domingo).  She's a call center agent who spends her day time on other jobs to be able to support her sister's children instead of sleeping.  And like most Filipinos today, she started to admire a contestant of a talent search, Gino Sanchez (played by Edgar Allan Guzman).

More Photos from the Press Preview Run Here
We all started in small admiration.  Until we totally get hooked.  Like a young moth to the fire.  It has been said that you can give without loving, but never love without giving.  Eventually, the warmth of the fire is too hard to resist, too hard to miss and most of the time, you'll just find yourself, giving too much.  Giving your all.

Bona has reached this point.  She resigned from her job, turned away from her family and friends and even forgot herself, just to cater to the needs and wants of a boy who dreams of becoming a famous actor.  Her only retribution was his happiness.  His sweet butterfly kisses and ice-melting stares continued to haze her vision of the state she was already in.

I know I have been.. and I have a dear friend who has been.. Bona.  Opo, naging Bona na rin po ako.  And I thank God that we have never been, and I pray never will be, in the same spot as Bona and Baldy, Bona's best friend, after Bona tried to sell some of her stuff to Baldy.

Phil Noble was amazing when he played the part of Baldy.  He was well loved in the first act, and more so in Act 2.  I felt how much he wants to shake Bona to wake her up from her daydream and how much he mourns for her oblivion.  I would not want to be in his shoes, nor would I want my friends to be in too.  I'd like to wake up, and I hope my friends do too.

Then, my heart gets crushed a little bit more when Binky, Bona's sister brings the news about Bingo, Binky's son.

Shé Maala played the role of Binky and was superb!  She was able portray a mother thinking about her son and not someone who was just asking for money.  She was longing for her older sister's care and support and when she found none, Shé showed a strong and determined Binky that if this wouldn't stir you up, nothing will.

These actors and scenes are essential in boiling the emotions inside Bona and Eugene Domingo.  Thus, when she finally woke up from her daydream, we all bathe in blistering pots of raw talent.

We are fortunate enough to have shared this experience with the original Bona, Ms. Nora Aunor.  Yes, we were so lucky to be in the same audience.  It would not be a lie to say that this boosted the casts' energy during this run.  Even, Uge (Eugene Domingo) was unable to finish the curtain call without breaking down.

Edgar Allan Guzman, Ricky Lee, Chanda Romero, Ms. Nora Aunor, Ms. Eugene Domingo, Phil Noble, Gabs Santos
During the press con, Uge has been very vocal about her fear of being compared and would only want Ate Guy to be entertained this time.  It is such an honor to witness the affirmation from the Super Star herself.  If I was swelling with emotions due to this momentous event, I know it's nothing compared to what Uge was feeling.  I could only imagine, and I'm already welling up and my goosebumps don't want to calm down.

Congratulations to the cast and staff of the whole Bona production!  This production screams that indeed, there is "No Screen Bigger than Theater!" PETA's 45th Theater Season Rationale

If you haven't experienced Bona yet, see here for show dates and if you have, see it again, now that Uge is more inspired than ever!

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