My MIBF 2013 Haul

One of the events I look forward to every year is the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF).  I first got to know of this Book Fair back in 1998, when my brother was a contestant in a spelling bee that was held during the fair.  And boy was I overwhelmed with all the books within my reach!  It was like Disneyland! (Well, I haven't been there yet, so let's make it realistic..) It was like SM Toy Land!  (Yes, that's much more appropriate for my age/generation.)

MIBF happens every September, usually near and even sometimes during my birthday, so, I most of the time get the books that I want.  Then, I grow up and asking for money from my parents is no longer happening, so, I gotta save up for this event.  To buy books, entrance is about Php 20.00 (used to be Php 2.00!).  And then, I would allocate all my year's book budget to be spent during this time.  Until it evolved to be during the month.

Leading bookstores would be on sale around the same time, outside the fair, that is.  National Bookstore and Powerbooks have theirs before the event.  It used to be in Megamall's Megatrade Halls, but they moved it to Mall of Asia's SMX Convention Center.  So, I can't really go there everyday.  So, to be able to avail of discounts outside the fair I have made the vow to buy brand new books during the month of the MIBF only.

And without much further ado, here's my book haul for during the month (MIBF 2013)!

That's a total of 33 books!  Weeeeee!  10 were bought during the actual MIBF, went there on its first day.  There rest were during bookstore sale before/after the MIBF.  The books during the MIBF were 20% off the original price and the others I got as much as 93% off the original price!  I no longer know the total amount I've spent, but yeah, this should be well enough until next year!  Ha!

I also got the Fully Booked discount card already.  Just in case I slipped.. Chos!  I thought Allegiant would have been out by this time already, then, it was moved to October.  The discount card would be handy! ;)  Yes, that's the last brand new book I'll get!  Unless of course another warehouse sale happens. :p

Here are some stuff about this haul:

  • 7 books are from Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series.  I'm missing only #1 and #2.
  • Now completed Kelly Armstrong's Darkest Powers Trilogy.
  • Completed my initial list of Nalini Singh books to acquire.  And yes, the list is now updated.
  • About 9 books are stand-alone novels.  About, because I'm not sure if I counted those in a series but can be read as stand-alone.  This is a feat because I'm a series junkie.
  • I've already read 3 of the books there and currently reading 1.  Yes, there's no predicting on what's the next book I'll be reading.
I'm not an expert in knowing the genre of a book, so I rely on what Goodreads tell me.  I don't really mind but it's nice to know what type of books I'm into.  So, for this haul, here are the numbers:
  • 25 Fantasy 
  • 15 Young Adult
  • 15 Paranormal
  • 14 Romance
  • 5 Contemporary
  • 4 Children's
  • 4 Science Fiction
  • 4 Historical Fiction
  • 3 Urban Fantasy, Adult Fiction, Mystery
  • 2 Fairy Tales, Dystopia
So, that's it for this year's rundown of my MIBF 2013 haul.. Yes, I can't wait for next year!  

Did you go to this year's book fair?  What did you get?  Any recommendations on my next read?  Comment away!

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