Jagged Palamuti Giveaway!

Palamuti by PJ Valenciano has come a long way since 2009 when I first got to know this creative and artistic side of my surfer friend.

I have blogged about Palamuti during its early days here and here. And now, they're going international, baby!  Woohoo!  I'm so proud and happy for PJ.

And what a way to give back to her jagged customers but have a giveaway to all you lucky ladies!  Alright, this is not just limited to us girls, with the Christmas season just a sniff away, it wouldn't hurt for guys to give your special lady one of PJ's wonderful creations!

TWO lucky jagged readers would be getting Palamuti's best seller: The Hiraya Scarf Necklace Mother of Pearl Shells!

Hiraya means “the fruit of hopes, dreams, aspirations, imagination, or wishes". They gave the scarf a new twist by embellishing them with beads, shells, crystals and seed beads. Depending on their length, you can wear them in several ways; from a scarf, to a belt and into a cover-up.
Here are a couple of ideas on how you can wear a Hiraya Scarf Necklace:

These necklace scarves are available from 2 - 3 yards and are made of the following materials:
  • Mother of Pearl Shells
  • Seed Beads
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Acrylic Crystals
  • Chiffon for the Scarf
Here's a few more sweet details about the Hiraya Scarf Necklaces:

The embellished portion are all hand stitched by their women beaders. Only 3 pieces are made per day and to accommodate the demand, we tap the mothers we trained from one of the urban poor communities in Metro Manila for production. The more orders they get, the more projects they assign to their chosen community. These scarves are now available in the Philippines, US, Middle East and Hong Kong. But if you're from a different country, they do accommodate purchases from other countries via their US office in Lawndale, California.
The possibilities are endless on how you would strut with the Hiraya Scarf Necklaces.  Here's a couple more ideas to trigger the fashionista inside you.

I know, it could be overwhelming and you would not be able to stop yourself from getting more of these Hiraya Scarf Necklaces or other Palamuti creations that you can drool over at http://palamutishop.com/.  Good thing the site is a one stop shop where you can place your orders and they ship anywhere in the world!  But if you really just can't get enough of Palamuti and you gotta order in bulk and with the Christmas season and all, email them in these addresses for more details or inquiries:

Philippines: info@palamutishop.com
US, Europe, Canada: michelle@palamutishop.com 
Middle East: marivic@palamutishop.com
Hong Kong: aileenhk@palamutishop.com

Alright, I won't prolong your agony, TWO (2) The Jagged Barn subscribers would each be winning a 2-yard Hiraya Mother of Pearl Shell Scarf Necklace!  This giveaway is open only to the Philippines or at least shipping of the giveaway is only to an address in the Philippines.  I won't be keeping you, you only have a month to join and participate.. So, hurry!

TIP: Increase your chances of winning with the additional points.
Good luck everyone!

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  1. Beautiful! It's my first time to encounter the scarf necklace idea. Nakaka-proud naman na gawang-Pinoy! Woohoo!

    I'd like the one in light green. My email address is Lornadahl.Campilan@gmail.com

  2. I like the idea of accessorizing a plain scarf.

    I love to win the scarf in dark magenta.

  3. Ang ganda sis! Very unique :)

    I really like the one in green.

    oohh p.s.
    I added you through GFC, hope you could drop by my blog too

  4. Creative ways of wearing a necklace! :D

  5. I read that dazzling blue is Pantone's color of the year for 2014 so it's blue for me please.

  6. I also like the Josefina scarf-necklace.

  7. dark magenta
    caryn morales

    i also like the pangarap ni esperanza necklace

  8. ronald morales

    i'd like to give the dark magenta to my wife

    i like the bella necklace. it looks gorgeous.

  9. carribean green


  10. i also like the josefina scarf-necklace

  11. White Hiraya Mother of Pearl and Fresh Water Pearl
    -Elaine Chua

  12. I also like the dark magenta :)

  13. I love the color orange.

  14. I love the necklace very unique likewise ethnic

  15. i like the black one :)