2015: Road to Betenos

2015 will never be forgotten.  At least, April 10, 2015.

A little step back in 2014, when I learned that I was pregnant.  Every chance I got, I was praying for a normal, healthy baby boy.  I don't have anything against girls, I would have loved her if she was a girl just the same.  But to be honest, my heart was leaning a little towards having a baby boy.

And 2015 couldn't have started any better, the doctor confirmed I was having a baby boy!

Since I was diagnosed to have Type 2 Diabetes since the start of 2014, I have been more conscious than ever with my health.  I thank God that I didn't have "morning sickness" nor extreme cravings.  I also didn't have what others said would be the signs of carrying a boy.  Most thought it was a baby girl inside my tummy.

The first due date was May 10, then it moved up to May 1 then, April 30.  Because of my asthma and diabetes, it was highly recommended that I get a C section.  And we can schedule it from April 25 to 3th.  I have a brother who was born April 26, so we opted for that date instead.  However, the Lord has a different plan for us.

Due to my asthma and living 51 km from work, my doctor recommended that I work from home already.  I was working from home since about March.

April 9 is The Day of Valor in the Philippines and it's a holiday, so there's no work.  It was a Thursday and I have filed to go on leave for the next day, Friday, April 10 to enjoy a long weekend.  God's timing couldn't be more perfect.

At about 1:00 AM, my contractions are starting to be more painful and more frequent.  I was using an app to track the contractions and the obsessive compulsive in me was being particular and waiting for exactly 5 minute intervals for an hour.  It was not until the morning, not sure what time, when my mom decided that we go to the hospital to have me checked.  She knows my pain tolerance level and she can see it in my face that I was really in pain.

In the hospital, they called up my OB, and she's in Batangas!  That's about 150 km from Malolos.  When she heard that I was having labor pains, she mentioned that it's too early and I'm not due until about 2 weeks more.  I cannot agree more!  But the pain was already excruciating!  So, please do something about the pain and we can all see each other again in 2 weeks.  The doctor checked and I'm only at 1 cm.

The pain didn't stop, the contractions were still there and after a very long time, it seemed eternity for me.  I was brought to the OR and we needed to prepare for CS.  They said that I should be sleeping anytime soon because of something that they injected to my IV, but I wasn't falling asleep.  I was entertaining the thought in my mind because I wanted to be relieved of the pain.

The doctor checked again and I was at 4 cm but the baby was floating.  I was lying in the OR sideways when I started to feel pooping sensations on top of the contractions.  Then, I felt something go between my legs!  The doctor checked and it was already crowning!  The doctor shouted to everyone that this is not going to be CS and it will be a normal delivery!  I can feel and hear the rush of everyone and I had another doctor coaching me on what I should do.  Yes, I tried to study and practice breathing techniques, but no, I totally forgot about them!

When we were all ready, when the sensation came again, I gave it my all for the push!  At 3:30 PM, Noah Levi Lopez came into the world and he was greeted by applause!  After I heard him cry, I already passed out.

I thank God for a speedy recovery and for granting my prayer to have a healthy baby boy.

It has been almost 9 months now and I still can't get enough of my little one.  This is definitely one big change in my blogging.  There would be more stories about being a mom and my baby boy!  Having this blessing makes me look forward to 2016 even more!  He will be turning 1 soon!  Weeeee!

I will forever be grateful to God for the blessings of 2015, specially my little sweetie, and I hope and pray that this 2016, I will get to know Him more and continually walk in His path and be constantly be filled with the joy of knowing Him and remaining in His presence.

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