2010 Presidential Elections - Presidential Candidates Part 1

First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to register to vote in this coming elections.  However, this does not mean that I could not participate and contribute to this elections.  One of the things I could do is help educate those who would be voting.

I still believe that majority of the voting population is capable of reading and have access to the internet, thus, research would just need time and attention.

We should not let the ads and surveys do the research for us.  Ads and survey results are manipulated by money.  In having the ads and survey results as the basis for your votes, it means that you are letting money dictate who you would be voting, which would result for the Philippines to be a "BUYable" nation.

In helping you guys decide, here's the list of Presidential Candidates for the upcoming 2010 Presidential Elections.  With a few of what Google comes up when their names are typed that you would be interested in.  Yes, controversies!  Of course, this would not include their websites, because they are still like ads.

Part 2 would be the one for the second half of Presidential Candidates
      • Jamby Madrigal
      • Nicanor "Nicky" Perlas
      • Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro
      • Eduardo "Eddie" Villanueva
      • Manuel "Manny" Villar

2010 Presidential Elections - Presidential Candidates Part 2

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