A Jagged Weekend: The Stage and Shopping Bags

I had a very fruitful weekend.  I was able to do the things I wanted in the span of 48 hours.  With the things that I want to do, that amount of time is not usually enough.  Actually, it still felt a little short because I was unable to blog about it until now.  But let's dwell on the good things that transcribed during the past weekend!

The Stage Part 1

For those who have read past posts, I have been watching a number of PETA's "Juan Tamad, Ang Diyablo at ang Limang Milyong Boto" runs.  (Blog entries here and here.)   Somehow, we were only able to catch the same set of casts until this year started.  The ensemble has changed, but the major roles were still played by the same set we have seen last year.  I would really really want to see Robert Seña's take on being the Dyablo.  Even our contacts in PETA are not really sure when he would be playing the role, although, they said usually he's on the stage during Saturdays.  It would really be heartbreaking if the season ends without being able to see him on stage.

Then, a friend from PETA confirmed that Robert Seña would be the one playing Dyablo for their 3:00 PM show.  So, I sent an SMS to kiki and sort of waked her up as well about this.  I also searched for my souvenir program, which Vince De Jesus already signed, so that, Robert would be able to sign as well.  The excitement woke me up even if I haven't gotten any sleep yet.

Aside from Robert, we were able to see a whole new cast.  Somehow, they made me miss the cast that we were used to see.  All of them have the voice, both in singing and in speaking.  However, character is lacking.  Although, I would not be able to choose between Robert and Vince.  They're both magnificent.  But I would choose Victor Robinson III over Marvin Wilbur Ong and Joann Y. Co over Stella Cañete.  All in all, of course, I still enjoyed the time watching Vince De Jesus' creation performed on stage.

The Stage Part 2

Kiki invited us to see "In Between Tenses" A Contemporary Dance performed by Airdance.  And I am sooo glad we said yes!

I thought it was just a bunch of different choreography for different songs.  Others might even find it boring, since the program could be overwhelming because it is composed of 13 parts.  However,  we still got sooo entertained and can't help but be marveled with the talent that they have, partially thinking about the possibility of someday being able to do something, even just a little, similar to that.  Well, actually I'm really happy to be able to perform on stage.


My favorites are "Gossip", "Fickle Minded" and "2 X 2".  There are stories to every performance, but it's not exactly a musical play.  They really interpreted the music, the story, their stories, through dance.

Shopping Bags Part 1

Before we went to the mall, during Manny Pacquiao's match with Joshua Clottey, I was having my nails done.  Does it suit me?

Shopping Bags Part 2

I am so excited!  I am now enrolled to attend PETA's 2010 Summer Theater Workshop!  Unfortunately, I don't have my working clothes with me anymore.  Either they're in the province or lost somewhere or I left in one of the many places I have lived.  Oooh!  Another reason to shop!

So, we went to the store where I know I could easily find my ideal working clothes: The Surplus Shop!

I bought 3 Aeropostale Leg Pants for Php 300.00 each and 3 T-shirts of Aerospostale for Php 199.00, Hurley Php 250.00 and AE Supply Outfitters for Php 250.00 (not in the picture).  My total Surplus Splurge totaled to less than Php 1,600.00 only!   I checked the Aeropostale site and saw that the pants are being sold for $ 20.00 per pair!  Whew!

I can't wait to be on stage once again.. can't wait to bring home more shopping bags too!  Ü

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  1. una... salamat sa pagising sakin...
    "huli man daw at magaling, huli pa rin" ~manong guard of PETA
    syempre late ako... pero salamat pa rin sa pagising at napanood ko ang ibang set ng juan tamad... yun nga lang, may kinairitahan akong cast... secret na lang kung sino :)) at di ko rin dala yung prod bk ko nun kasi CHARANTIA NA KO NUNG GINISING MO KO! :))


    chilis... wala dito sa blog mo.. but i love the bottomless nachos! tangena! winner!


    shopping... ANG TARAY!!! talaga namang more shopping more fun... well... di na ko magshopping ng working clothes... dahil meron naman ako... AT TINATAMAD AKO!!! :D


  2. bwahahahahah! salamat sa patuloy na pag comment sa blog entries ko, kiki!

    oo nga, wala yung chili's.. pero astig at masaya! antok na kasi.. hehehehe!

    yung color ng nail polish ko ang interpretation ko sa reply ni ate faith.. bwahahahahah! gets mo?!? bwahahahahahah!

    wala na nga kasi akong working clothes.. syet! ang tagal na kasi ng last kong workshop.. sa cafi pa yata yun..

    waaaaaaaaah!! excited na rin ako!! wooohooo!

  3. OWMAYGAD!!! ANG SAYA BARN!!! bumalik sa kin yung eksaytment natin bago magstart ang workshop! iba na! :)) at naaalala ko pa ang sinabi ko nung napanood ko yung sa airdance... "Ang layo ko pa..."

    haaaay.... mag dance lessons na tayo! pag may workshop ba sa peta ng sembreak bet mo mag CDT pag meron?

  4. weee! at ngayon, ang lapit mo na!! woohoo! this is it!

    bet ko.. pero sana swak sa sched ko dito sa office.. :(