Team Carnival: Online Shopping

Thanks to the World Wide Web, we can make our purchases without leaving the comforts of our homes through online shopping! 

I consider shopping as one of my favorite sports.  Yes, for me it's a sport.  It's almost an art.  Why?  Because it presents challenges, there's a lot of competition and your good buys are considered to be your trophies. 

I love online shopping, but it has a lot of risks. 

First would be the seller.  You need to be confident enough to trust that person with your money.  In ebay, you would be able to check the testimonials of other buyers.  Beware of those creating false accounts and giving themselves a good feedback.  A hundred plus testimonies could not be easily manipulated though. 

Next would be the product.  How sure are you that you would be receiving what they are really saying they are selling.  So, ask questions about the product that is not included in the description.  Good sellers would be willing to answer your inquiries.  For me, I don't buy things online that needs fitting; like shoes and clothes.  There are different interpretations of sizes, there are a lot of dimensions too!  So, to avoid frustration, keep these stuff to real life shopping.

Another one could be the delivery.  Although very seldom, there are carriers that are lousy and your item could end up broken.  They would even say that it's the sellers fault of not packing it correctly.  So, you would end up with a busted item and no one would want to take the blame.

All in all, shopping online is really a fun experience!  I have made a number of purchases online myself, but I still love going to the mall and going from one shop to another.  You just need to be extra careful and make the necessary precaution when you do your online shopping.

In general, I looove shopping!  Online shopping is not an exemption! 

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