Barn Goes Summer Shopping

it's officially summer! before my first summer beach trip for 2010, i of course went to the mall and splurged on summer items.. (the surfing trip in la union is not counted because it was still january)

Item 01: Blue Shoes

okay, this is not really a summer item, but i have been eying for this since the first time i saw it.. i posted about this in one of post it notes (actually most of the items here).  here's the Blue Shoes from Artwork:

Item 02 and 03: Swimsuit and Cover Dress

I am giving my white summer cover dress a rest and bought a new one.  I fell in love with the colors and the very light fabric.  They have it on pink and earth colors, i picked the blue one.

I picked out the swimsuit that would hide my belly.  Since I'm not comfortable yet with wearing a one-piece, i opted for a tankini.  i picked out two and tried both on.  this is the one i picked.  i might buy the other if it goes on sale later this year.

Both items are available in Cinderella: Seventeen.

Item 04: Small Beach Plastic Bag

I was always having a problem with where to put the things I want to bring along by the seashore.  I used to just carry them, I once borrowed a pouch, but it was not waterproof.  So, I was determined to buy one this time.

I don't need something sooo big because it would be too heavy or might just get in the way.  Although, I would need something that would be able to hold my stuff: my cellphone, wallet, sunblockS, tissue, eye glasses, etc.

So, we went to SM Department Store to check what they have.  Most of the bags there that are made of plastic are larger than what I wanted.  Good thing, this was spotted on the display floor (the main floor; not really the part where all the bags are).  I guess, this is the last one.

I loved it because of its size and simple design.  The pouch inside is okay too since I don't want everyone to see that I have my wallet and mobile phone inside at one glance. 

Item 05: Undergarments Bag

The lady before us in the cashier also liked these bags and asked where we found them.  We politely pointed to the direction of the aisle where it's located.  It's in the toiletry bag section of the department store.

They also have bags for gadgets and shoes.  I might buy the one for the shoes in case I would be traveling and would need to pack shoes with me.  The one for the gadgets is padded.

Item 06: Sunglasses

This is also bought from the department store.  This is like my back up in case the sunglasses I bought from PRP gets broken.

From all the walking and shopping, we got hungry and tired.  We were both craving for pizza but we don't think we would be able to consume the whole pie and one slice would be too small for a serving.  Sbarro's filled pizza is just perfect!

for barn

Whew!  It was a tiring day, but all is well since I was able to buy everything in my shopping list for summer .. and more!  LOL!

Ooooh!  By the way, I want to share the shade of my nail polish for the month of April! 

Do you like it?

What are your summer buys for 2010?  Enjoy shopping!

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  1. Oh GREAT shopping. I'm loving the blue shoes! I would buy them and then never find anything to wear with them even though they are blue and go with everything ... I'm crazy like that. Super cute buys!

  2. hahahah! thanks for dropping by alexis! i'm sooo loving those shoes and wearing them with almost everything.. specially if i don't feel like wearing heels..

  3. Hi Laarni! I love the shoes, I can't help but comment! :D I'm a flats girl.

    And ang cute nung undergarments bag. I want to get some for myself din.

    And you know what, I often end up at Sbarro after shopping if the mall I'm in has a branch. :D

  4. hi dea! thanks for dropping by.. i might be getting the shoe bag sometime soon! :p will blog about it if i do!